Top Tips For Choosing The Right House For you

When deciding to move house it can be tricky. What do you want in your new house? What do you want different from your current house? As you know we’ve moved into our forever home now, but it wasn’t easy choosing the right house for us.

Our old house was more central in the town. It was laid out over 3 storeys so it had plenty of living space. What it didn’t have was a decent garden. It was built into a hill so it was a tiered garden. It didn’t have parking. That was a big problem for us with a two-car family.

Top Tips For Choosing The Right House For you

So I’m sharing with you a few tips on how to choose the right house for you.


Location – Is the house you are looking at close to your place of work? Family, friends, and facilities.

Parking – If parking is important to you you might consider a house with off-road parking. Drives are important, but some houses come with allocated parking, this only works if people respect your space. I’ve heard stories where other people park in spaces for days. To protect your space you can get a parking post residential areas so others will not use it. We were grateful that our house came with a drive for two cars. It was one of the main selling points for us.

Schools – Are there schools nearby? Is it any good and within the catchment area? Again our local primary school is across the road from us.

Crime – What is the crime rate in the area? If it’s high your insurance premiums will be higher. You can check with the local police or newspaper for stats.

Space – Is the house and garden big enough for a growing family? Ours has a large garden so we are planning a conservatory or an extension in the future.


What is going in the area? Are there any plans for new developments? This may mean the area is increasing in popularity and there could be a struggle for school placements in the future.

Transport links – Is the house on a bus route? Are you close to the train station or main road? All of these factors can be a major influence when choosing the right house for you.

Choosing the right house for you is not a choice to be taken lightly. As well as these tips above, you also have to think about other expenses involved in buying a house.

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