Baby Diaries #8 – 7 Months Old

Gosh it’s been a while since the last update. Life is very busy and time passes you by in the blink of an eye. If I’m being honest I kept up better with the monthly updates with baby girl.

Anyway here we are at 7 months.  Baby Dottie has come on leaps and bounds these past few weeks. She is confident in sitting up, then moves onto all fours. Not quite crawling yet, but when she’s sitting on her bum she shuffles herself around the floor and goes around in circles!

Baby Diaries #8 - 7 Months Old

She has her two front bottom teeth through and about to break through her top. She’s much more fussier with teething than baby girl ever was. The teething powders are a godsend. I sprinkle it onto her matchstick monkey and she chews away.

We are onto 3 full meals a day going down the babyled weaning route. If I’m being honest she didn’t give me a choice. She will only eat fruit purée from a spoon. I spoon fed baby girl, but being a first time mum then I wasn’t confident at all with babyled weaning. Second time around I just let her get on with it! With a two-year old shouting for her dinner, it’s everyone for themselves! Honestly though she loves to watch her older sister and tries to copy everything she does. She is definitely ahead of her sister at this age, which is of course having someone to learn from.

Her favourite things to eat are crumpets, butternut squash chips, pasta with a tomato sauce, banana and any fruit purées. She also tried fresh raspberries at the weekend and loved them.

Baby Diaries #8 - 7 Months Old (1)

Her favourite things ever are my boobies, they are her comfort and food. She loves to laugh when her sister cries. They are both so close and won’t go anywhere without one another. When shes in her high chair her sister loves to pull up a chair and eat in front of her, and picks up her drink if it’s thrown from the high chair!

I can see my two girls being close and the best of friends. I hope it always stays this way and they don’t end up fighting all the time like me and my younger sister when we were small.


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