How To Cope When The Unexpected Happens

Life can be full of surprises, and not all of those surprises are good. You may have just got fired from a job or going through a divorce with family solicitors involved. Having to deal with the unexpected is something will all have to do at some stage in our life. So how do you cope with it when it comes at full speed and knocks you off your feet.

How To Cope When The Unexpected Happens

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Attitude Is Important

Having the right attitude or outlook when something like this happens is important so that you can see the positives out of it. Yes, you may have lost your job, but that could be because you’re destined for a much better job down the line. Perhaps it gives you the opportunity to try that business idea you’ve always had or maybe just taking a little bit of time off to relax. The right outlook can make everything feel better.

Plan Your Next Moves

It’s good to make an action plan when something unexpected comes along. You don’t want it to affect your daily life after all so put plans in place to help combat the situation as hard as it may do so when it initially happens. Having a good support system in family and friends comes in very handy or even talking to a stranger might help you cope.

Do things that make you happy so that it takes your mind off what’s happened. And that can be anything from taking a bath to having a day off to just lounge on the sofa, watching TV.

Remember To Breath

Sometimes a situation that takes us by surprise may heighten our emotions and make us really angry or upset. Remember in these moments to breathe because breathing helps the mind to calm down and relax. We don’t realise that when we’re stressed or anxious, our breath becomes short and shallow. The quicker you recognise it, the sooner you can bring your body and mind back into neutral.

Accept What’s Happened

It really sucks, and you wish you could turn back time to stop it from happening but it has happened, so it’s best just to accept it. It’s much easier if you do that because it makes getting through it a lot more manageable than it would if you let it fester away at you. Don’t let it take control else it wins.

Focus On What You Have

In times like these, it’s easy to just think of the negatives and none of the good stuff in your life. Focus on the positives and what you do have, your health or a close friend or partner. You may have your own home, providing you with a roof over your head and your independence. Whatever it may be, let that be at the forefront of your mind to help you know that this is just a blip and the better days will come.


Getting over the unexpected is different for everyone so don’t feel your process has to be the same as anyone else.

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