Stress Free Living: 5 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Be a Happier Person

Many people today feel stressed about at least one thing on a regular basis. In fact, stress is now so common that most of us consider it to be a normal part of life. This does not have to be the truth, though.

Recent studies performed by the American Psychological Association showed that people under stress are more likely to experience anxiety, anger, and fatigue. These symptoms will manifest in multiple ways and often at inconvenient times when you are trying to enjoy life.

Stress Free Living 5 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Be a Happier Person

Taking charge of your life to control a few factors in your environment and day-to-day tasks can help you eliminate many sources of your stress. Here are five lifestyle changes that you can make to be a happier person through stress-free living.

Make a lifestyle change in your diet to reduce stress-causing ingredients

This does not mean that you have to eat perfectly healthy foods and eliminate all of your favorites, but you should avoid or reduce your consumption of caffeine products and nicotine. These are both stimulants and work in your body to increase your stress level.

Instead, drink herbal teas, water, or natural fruit juices to stay hydrated. You can still have your snacks, but avoid foods with refined sugars or artificial ingredients as these cause extra stress on your body while it attempts to determine how to process what you have eaten.

Exertion from exercise is healthy stress

Your body is going to release stress one way or another – even if that way is unhealthy, like through anxiety or snapping unnecessarily at someone. Instead, keep that from happening by releasing the pent-up stress through exercise.

Physical exercise can metabolize your body’s stress hormones and help your mind to relax and enter a more calm state. If you are feeling stressed, go for a walk or hit the gym. This will also help you sleep better.

Create an enjoyable environment

Your home should be your sanctuary. If it is not, you need to find a way to make it one. This may include remodeling or renovating the areas that cause you to feel stressed. If that is not possible, you may be able to work with a professional to design your own oasis where you can enjoy every minute that you are in your house.

There are many professional firms that can help you turn your dream home into a reality. Take some time to see what is available and get some ideas for your stress-free environment. Visit knowledgeable sites such as for more information on how they can help you transform your vision into your new home.

Determine what helps you relax

There are many stress-reduction techniques out there that you can incorporate into your daily schedule. Finding the one that works for you is as simple as trying out one a day until you hit the right technique.

Whether it is taking a yoga class or simply spending time in your quiet place in your home, living a stress-free life requires some downtime in your day to work on calming your mind and your body.

Create a bedtime routine that embraces sleep

Sleep is a must-have for your body to be able to release stress. Turn your bedroom into a no-stress zone through a combination of colors and décor that helps you to relax. Try doing reflexology for sleep. Stop work or exertion several hours prior to bedtime to allow your brain to decompress. Read a book or take a relaxing bath and go to bed on a regular routine so your brain gets set on a schedule. If you are still struggling here are 5 simple ways to get more deep sleep.

A Stress-Free Life is Possible

Living with less or no stress is in your reach. Simply take charge and make these five lifestyle changes to be happier, healthier, and stress-free!

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6 thoughts on “Stress Free Living: 5 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Be a Happier Person

  1. I struggled with stress and anxiety for years and finally plucked up the courage to talk to my doctor who was really good and talked at length about my lifestyle, diet etc.
    Finally made the decision to change jobs (less money but also a lot less stress), changed my diet to a Vegetarian one, drink fruit teas whilst at work instead of coffee, and got my first dog and he motivates me each day to get out walking which is the most effective way for me to relax and unwind.

  2. Very informative read – have saved for later to show my OH think we both need to take positive steps to a less stressful future

  3. Some really good points here I’ve recently decorated our bedroom in calming colours and I’ve banned all iPads TVs etc, books only zone and suprisingly we are both sleeping better already

  4. I struggle with life and have to admit i have bad thoughts, i often think i should change my life, so its about me and my health, but i never seem to get around to it, so things dont change for me, but these 5 lifestyle tips perhaps after reading them i should put them into action

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