We took the Wicked Uncle challenge

I love trawling around Twitter, reading blogs, entering a few competitions and looking out for blogger opportunities. So when I saw Wicked Uncle had put out a tweet looking for bloggers to take up their Wicked Uncle challenge, I answered their call.

You know me I love a challenge!

We took the wicked uncle challenge -Rachel Bustin


So what is the Wicked Uncle Challenge?

The challenge is to help people become top present buyers for kids. It’s especially for people or as Wicked Uncle calls them ‘wicked grown ups’ that have no children and don’t have a clue what to buy for them.

What I needed

  • Children who like gifts and love receiving them. – In this case 7 month old baby girl.
  • A blog about kids, family and toys or something similar, and an army of social media followers. – This blog, My Twitter, Instagram and Facebook fans.
  • A wicked grown up who hs no children and not a clue of what interests kids. – My younger brother

Fabric A-Z alphabet book

What I did

I contacted Wicked Uncle knowing I was a willing participant who had the perfect wicked grown up to help me out. My younger brother. Although he is a comic mad genius he doesn’t have the foggiest of what to buy a baby girl.

I gave my brother the £40 voucher code that Wicked Uncle kindly gave us for this challenge to go and buy some toys on the website.

What he did -Wicked Uncle Challenge

He chose a Fabric A-Z Alphabet book which is perfect for a 7 month old. She loved feeling the material pages and of course trying it out in her mouth! A very smart educational choice. It arrived in a magnetic clip box, perfect for storing away after as a memory piece.


Also the amazing Twilight Turtle was on his list of toys. I have to say this gift is fantastically brilliant. It’s shell projects star constellations onto the ceiling in 3 soothing colours amber, blue and green. Baby girl just loves light shows from her baby sensory classes so this is great for her. She is too young to understand the constellations though. The turtle has an auto shut off timer after 45 minutes and includes an illustrated star guide.


What he thought of the process

” Really easy to use site. Great use of categories so it took me to the toys suitable for my niece with a couple of clicks. Perfect for someone who struggles to find toys for a particular age group and a wide range available”

What baby girl thought of the toys

She is too young to talk yet although I get the mama muuummm sounds, but she was mesmerised with the twilight turtle light show, and is still wanting to eat the fabric A-Z book. So I’d say she’s very happy and it’s a great success!

My Thoughts

The toys were packged great, although there is a gift wrap option available.

Wicked Uncle Toys arrivedWicked Uncle Toys packaged

Wicked Uncle Toys in box

Twilight Turtle in box

My brother put a lot of thought in and suprised us with his excellent choices. I believe Wicked Uncle I can say that this is challenge completed and a great success.

I’m sure you can turn any wicked grown up into a top gift buyer!

Thanks for the challenge.


*We were given a £40 voucher for toys to review from Wicked Uncle. All our thoughts and opinions are our own.

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