A Letter to my Dear Baby Girl

Dear Baby Girl

It’s 2am and I can barely keep my eyes open. Tonight you have slept 5 hours before waking yourself up by rolling on your side then over onto your belly. You drink your breastmilk like its the last milk left in the whole world. Your eyes drifting off to sleep as you enter your dream feed time.

The bedroom is nearly steeped in darkness but I can still make out your beautiful angelic face. You lie your sweaty little head in my arms. It’s your safe place. The place where you are the most relaxed. You snuggle into my breast with your little chubby cheeks and place your hand in mine.

dear baby girl - Rachel Bustin

You are 7 months old now and still love to snuggle in like you did as a newborn. Now you are a big lap full but will always be my baby girl.

I love listening to your little sounds as you sleep.


Hearing you breathing is the most comforting sound to me. You are now in a deep sleep.

I’m drifting to sleep myself, so it’s time to lift you up and put you back down in your cot.

I rest you gently down and you give a big sigh, stretch out your little arms above your head and turn your face to one side.

I wonder how long I’ve got before you wake up again?

1 hour, 2, 5 hours max. Before we start all over again.

Before you start moving around. Tossing from your back to side, arms and legs reaching out to the bars on the cot. To begin with I was so scared you would trap your legs in the bars. Now we use a gro-bag for you.

I can sleep knowing you are safe and you can too.

Sleep tight baby girl.

Mummy and daddy love you very much.


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8 thoughts on “A Letter to my Dear Baby Girl

  1. Awww so lovely. In a way I always used to love it when they just wanted cuddles in the middle of the night, always felt really special. Make the most of those cuddles xx

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