Book Review: Weird War 2 by Richard Denham

I have always had  love of history since primary school when I first heard about the Tudors and about World War 1 and 2. My mum encouraged my love of history as she is a great historian herself. You can ask her anything about history and she will know it.

When a review popped up in my inbox asking if I wanted to review Weird War 2 by Richard Denham I was instantly fascinated. Over the years I have watched lots of history programmes on World War 2. Real documentaries on the History channel as well as shows like Band of Brothers. In fact one of my all time favourite history book is Band of Brothers by Stephen E Ambrose.

Anyway going back to Weird War 2. It’s a weirdly wonderful and barely believable account of the second World War.


Book Review: Weird War 2


Book Description

Welcome to the wonderfully weird World War Two …

The Second World War is the bloodiest on record. It was the first total war in history when civilians; men, women and children were in the front line as never before. With so many millions involved, the rumour machine went into overdrive, tall stories built on fear of the unknown. With so much at stake, boffins battled with each other to build even more bizarre weapons to out-gun the enemy. Nazi Germany alone had so many government-orchestrated foibles that they would be funny if they were not so tragic.

Parachuting Sheep? Pilot Pigeons? Rifles that fire round corners? Men who never were? You will find them all here, the weird, wonderful and barely believable of World War Two.

My review

I don’t know where to start! It’s full of strange anecdotes and facts that keep you reading onto the next one. A fantastic informative brilliantly written book. I’m struggling to find words to describe it. Weird War 2 will have you absorbed and wanting to shout out to those around you what you have just read.

I know I will be sharing this book with my mum as I’m sure she will find some of these hard to believe.

It’s great for  quick read. Also easy to pick up where you left off if you need to put it down (which I’m sure you won’t!)

What I love about the book is that although they are described as facts, the truth be told that it’s not known for certain whether they did happen. But for in my own little world I would have loved for them all to be true.

So here’s my favourite fact in the book. It’s called Fanta – a German drink made from leftover’s of leftover’s that resemble’s ginger ale but was actually made from whey and apple pomace. Definitely not the Fanta we know today!

I thoroughly recommend this book to World War 2 buffs and also those who love to read plain weird things.


I have given Weird World 2 by Richard Denham 5 out of 5 stars.

Paperback, 166 pages
Published 2016 by T Squared Books
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*I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always. I’m a part of the Amazon affiliate scheme so if you click on  link to buy I receive a little back. So thanks if you do.

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