My Sunday Photo 21/08/2016 – Baby Sensory Baby Frog

On Friday we went to our last Baby Sensory class of the Summer term. Baby girl has loved going to her classes since the start of June. I feel they have benefited her greatly. This last class had the theme of Baby Frog. It was so much fun as you can see from My Sunday Photo below.

Baby Frog week at Baby Sensory - Rachel Bustin

The light show that was put on was amazing. Our class leader Mel does such a wonderful job setting everything up. She really deserves a medal for all her hard work and dedication to all the babies.

Baby sensory are classes of wonder, excitement, sensory learning and exploration. They help with baby’s development and education. Each week has a different theme. We have joined in with lots of themed weeks including the under the sea, reflection and of course baby frog.

The start of each session begins with the singing and signing song ‘Say hello to the sun’. I’m a bit hopeless at this and still learning the signs! We also go through many old traditional songs and rhymes some with signing to help with baby communication.

We have a break now until the middle of September before we return for the Autumn term. Luckily I have arranged with work to take Fridays as holiday when I first go back to work in October so we can still attend the classes until the end of the Autumn term.

I’m so glad we decided to sign up to the baby sensory classes. When we attended the Cornwall Baby Show back in April we saw a demonstration of what the baby sensory classes are all about. It looked great fun! The waiting list was long at the time but we managed to get into the classes by June.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend. It’s a bit stormy down here in Cornwall!


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5 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 21/08/2016 – Baby Sensory Baby Frog

  1. Ah thanks for the lovely post Rachel. So glad you’re enjoying yourselves. I still go wrong with the ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ song sometimes so you’re not alone there. Olivia doesn’t mind, she just loves seeing her Mummy’s animated expressions and hearing her lovely voice, that’s all that matters. Can’t wait for lots more fun together in the Autumn Term xxx

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