Ultimate Spider-Man Game Review

I come from a family who are huge game lovers. With two sisters and a brother there was never any shortage of someone to play with. So when Megableu asked us to review a couple of their games, with which we could pick from a great selection I may add, I was very happy to oblige.

The first game we received was this Ultimate Spider-Man Projector game. I know my nephew will love this. He’s a huge Spider-Man fan. You can find our other Megableu game review here: The Enchanted Ball

Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Game

In this game Spider-Man is chasing down the villan Rhino. Spider-Man is on a base and projects Rhino everywhere! On the walls, ceilings, high, low anywhere. The aim of the game is to make Rhino’s shadows disappear with the rechargeable laser gun. You have to be an accurate shot and hit as many Rhino as you can within the time frame.

Spiderman projector game

There is a maximum shooting distance of the gun. This is 5 metres. Perfect for little ones. The best way to play is to place the Spider-Man projector on a table in the middle of the room. Then make the room as dark as possible. We found it better to play at night-time.

Spiderman laser game and instructions

There are 3 speeds to the game, 1 = Easy 2 = Average 3 =Difficult. With my nephew only being 5 years old the ‘easy’ speed was enough for us. I’m sure as he gets older the faster he will want it! The Ultimate Spider-Man game is for two or more players but being 5 years old he was happy to play around by himself.

Spider-Man Projector

The only things not included with the game is batteries. So if you are buying the game for a Christmas or birthday present. Remember to buy batteries to go with it.  The Spider-Man projector takes 4 AA batteries and the electronic gun works on 3 AAA batteries. If you need extra copies of the rules for the game, you can pop over to the Megableu website and download a PDF version.

You can buy this game over at Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Would your little one love to play a game like this?


*We were sent this game to review in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links.

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