Reminiscing over those long Summer days as a child

Losing my dad a few months back, has brought me and my siblings a lot closer together. Isn’t it funny how the loss of a loved one reunites that bond? I’ve spent a lot of the Summer reminiscing over childhood memories with my sister. Talking about the good ol days. Reminiscing over those long Summer days as a child when we would get up to lots of mischief, play cricket, stay out all hours and munch away on blackberries.

Reminiscing over those long Summer days as a child

When you are a kid the Summer’s seem much longer. We used to spend the whole day from morning until it got dark outside playing in my dad’s fields on the farm. I used to love reading my books and poems sitting in the hedge. Eating sweets and drinking a bottle of Panda Pop from my bum bag! Now I have a fondness to read in the garden when I get a few moments peace. My favourite genres are crime, thrillers and the occasionally poems about memories of childhood on my Kindle.

One of our favourite games to play was cricket. With there being four of us we used to have a mini cricket team. A bowler, batter and two in the field.

Cricket Fans

My older sister and I were the biggest cricket fans. Her favourite player was Michael Atherton and mine was Darren Gough. We used to have the white wide-brimmed cricket hats and I remember my sister having the bright luminous green suncream on her nose! It smelt of liquorice.

While I’ve been on maternity leave this Summer I’ve caught up with the occasional cricket match and cannot wait until the Cricket World Cup 2019 next year.

Cricket is a great family sport, and you only have a few days left to register for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 ballot tickets.


Are you a cricket fan? Will you be attending or watching at home the Cricket World Cup?

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12 thoughts on “Reminiscing over those long Summer days as a child

  1. Life was so uncomplicated back then. I used to go out all day on my chopper and come home when it started getting dark. We played rounders back then

  2. I remember those summer evenings, we used to knock on all the doors in the street and get everyone out to play rounders on the field. It wouldn’t happen now

  3. Reading this has brought back so many happy childhood memories playing with my brother and friends we could make a game out of anything rounders was one of our favourites two teams of local kids it lasted ages and we had so much fun lovely times

  4. I agree the Summer seems so long when you’re a child. I guess it is because you get so long off school. It goes so quickly these days! Can’t believe we are in October, where did the Summer go?! Great blog.

  5. I’m not a cricket fan but I think it’s a great read I would love to get my grandchildren out doing more sports

  6. When i was a child i was always outside, we would play simple games, like chinese skipping, hopscotch, now days children dont know how to play, its either XBoxes or TV, but there again the world was a different place when i was a child, but your blog on this got us all talking about the old days, and i thank you for that

  7. Great blog…again! Sparked off a long, wonderful conversation at home – which your best posts always do – thank you. x

  8. I’m not that into sport but i don’t mind watching cricket. A lot of people think its boring but its usually because they dont have a clue whats going on

  9. Just wanted to share how much I have enjoyed your blog. I have been reading your blog for some time and I absolutely love what you have been doing! 🙂

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