Why You Should Consider An Antique Engagement Ring

Every young man hopes to meet that special girl and when it happens and you have decided to pop the magic question, your choice of ring is critical. If you are going to be traditional and suddenly drop down on one knee and give a well-rehearsed delivery of your proposal, surprising her, then you are stepping into unknown territory. We are seeing a trend to move away from traditional practices, with many young couples jointly choosing the engagement and wedding rings, agreed Orla James, yet for those who are not consulting with their partner, here are a few good reasons why going down the antique road makes sense.

Why You Should Consider An Antique Engagement Ring

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  • Making A Statement – When a man gives his partner an antique diamond engagement ring, he is saying that their love is unique, a one off that could never be replicated and a hand crafted antique engagement ring is the perfect choice. The fact that the ring has a long history only adds to the appeal and in a time of mass production and hi-tech solutions, a ring of such authenticity makes a statement. If you have yet to decide how to propose, check out some unique wedding proposal ideas for that special person.
  • Historical Connection – Many women allow their imagination to flow and wonder about the ring’s history, after all, it could have been on a Duchesses finger at some point. Who knows what secrets the historical background of a particular ring holds and it is fun to imagine the grandeur of a French Court wedding or perhaps a Tudor celebration. With many past experiences, this special ring holds dear to anyone who is privileged to temporarily enjoy its company. Like the other women before her, she will develop a strong attachment to the ring and what it represents and who knows, you might be able to trace the previous owners!
  • A Solid Investment – While hardly romantic, the value of the ring would most surely increase over time, and when buying antique jewellery, it is important to purchase from a reputable jeweller – there are several online retail jewellers that offer stunning examples of antique diamond and wedding rings – and browsing couldn’t be any easier. Like a fine piece of art, the ring would always appreciate, as its history grows longer and the undoubted quality ensures that the ring remains in pristine condition. Diamonds never fall in value, making for a solid investment and you might want to consider insuring the ring, to give you both peace of mind.

If you are unsure about her preferences, consult with a close friend – she can also help to acquire her ring size – and by choosing something antique, you are demonstrating how valuable and unique your relationship is. There are online jewellers who have a range of antique diamond engagement rings and by spending a little time browsing, you are certain to come across something that feels right and a secure online payment is all it takes to acquire the perfect symbol of your undying love.

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