Update Your Guest Bedroom to Truly Comfort Your Guest

Having a friend visit you, or a family member you haven’t seen in awhile can be a great experience. However, you might feel a little stressed wondering how to make sure your friend or family member is truly comfortable during their stay in your guest bedroom.

Update Your Guest Bedroom to Truly Comfort Your Guest

Traveling often consists of long periods of uncomfortable sitting combined with a lot of little aggravations that slowly build up leaving a person feeling tired and drained. Therefore, as you work through the list below, think of your guest room as being a peaceful destination, a room that is warm and cozy, inviting your guest in to relax and be comfortable.

A Good, King Size Mattress

You want your guest to feel very comfortable while lying in bed so that they get a good night’s sleep. We all know that when we’re tired, everything in life is less enjoyable. As you want to make sure that each day your guest is with you is an invigorating and enjoyable experience for them, the mattress they will sleep on is your number one priority.

You want a high-quality mattress that is firm but still has a softness to it. You also need to keep in mind that over the years this mattress will be used by more than just that one person that is your next guest, so avoid buying a mattress that is particular to that one individual. A king mattress is preferable, even if you only have a single guest, as they’ll appreciate the extra room. If a couple will be visiting you, you really need to have a king mattress for both of them to sleep comfortably.

A Color Scheme Designed for Sleep

The color scheme for your guest bedroom should relax the mind, which in turn will relax the body. A light blue, soft green or earth tones of straw or sand beige are considered to be among the best colors to promote a relaxing, calming effect.

A Dresser and Night Stand

A medium-size dresser that is little more than waist high could be perfect for your guest bedroom, especially if space is at a premium.

A dresser that has a little extra depth to it will allow the top to be a convenient place to put a suitcase on while unpacking, or when your guest needs to rummage around in their suitcase after a few days to find some small item that they need.

The nightstand should be large enough to hold a few personal belongings on the top along with a bedside lamp and digital clock. It is best to choose one that has an enclosed body with small drawers or a few shelves. If the model you like has shelves, make sure it has a door that can be shut for privacy as your guest might want to have certain personal belongings out of sight.

When choosing the items that will furnish your guest bedroom, consider darker tones, furniture finished with a darker stain that still allows for the natural wood grain to show through. This will add some contrast to the lighter, calming color you choose for the walls.

Guest room, neutral theme

A Table and Chair

If you have enough room, a comfortable chair and table are a great addition to your guest bedroom. This will provide your guest with a place to comfortably spend some time by themselves reading or using the internet.

You can have an overstuffed armchair; however, if you decide on this, it is also good to provide a simple, padded folding chair that can be placed up against the wall so it is out of the way, yet readily available. This will provide a comfortable seat for a guest that wants to spend some time working while they visit you, or someone who is more comfortable using a laptop or an iPad that is resting on a desk or table.

Wall Hangings

Bare and boring walls can be decorated to add more to the feel of the room. Hanging three-dimensional art is a great way to liven up bare walls. Wire art, metal scenes of nature, wall mounted ceramic pieces such as seagulls or butterflies, all of these will give a better feel than a flat glass frame holding a printed picture.

To get started, just hang a few pieces on the walls, and then exit the bedroom and close the door. Now, facing the door, think about yourself as your guest, enter the room, and see what two or three areas your eye is drawn to. These areas are the ones you should focus on as they will create that first impression.

guest bedroom design

Proper Lighting

A table lamp on the nightstand that is good enough to read by while lying in bed, a second table lamp that provides light for the table and chair, as well as a floor lamp to be used if they feel that the overhead ceiling light is too bright.

Additional Accessories

  • Fresh linens
  • Night light
  • Simple, easy to operate, digital alarm clock
  • Tissues and paper towel
  • Pen and paper
  • Check that your Wi-Fi connection is strong enough in your guest bedroom

A Clean and Empty Closet

One last tip is to make sure the closet is clean and empty. For the hangers in the closet, most people like thick, plastic hangers that are less damaging to clothing and are easier to handle.

Using the above guidelines, you can get started on update your guest bedroom to a warm and cozy, welcoming place of comfort. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun, and be sure to put a little bit of yourself in your guest bedroom as well.

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  1. Our daughter is hopefully going to get home next year from Canada. She couldn’t this year cos of Covid. Want to make her old room special as she hasn’t been back to the U.K for many years. Done the basics. Just to add the right colours and accessories for her. This is good

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