The Best Flooring Options For a Converted Loft Space

Our girls share a bedroom and have done since Little Dottie was born. We have a three-bedroom detached house, but it’s not quite big enough. Especially now that Mr B works from home mostly and myself also, So we have been thinking about either extending or doing a loft conversion. Personally, I would rather convert the loft into another bedroom and ensuite and leave my garden alone! Therefore as part of the information gathering on a loft conversion, I’ve been brainstorming loft ideas including flooring options for a converted loft. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

The Best Flooring Options For a Converted Loft

Engineered Wood Flooring

We want the loft floor to be long-lasting, moisture resistant, and with the quality finish and design of solid wood flooring so engineered wood flooring makes perfect sense. This type of floor is low maintenance, easy to clean and saves you money in the long run. You can get all types of flooring designs to suit your interior, it’s timeless.

This type of flooring will work with soundproofing as well. Which you are going to need to muffle the sounds going down below. Before you install your new floor, consider hiding the electricity cabling and if you plan to have underfloor heating, plan these options in.


Carpet is always a good option to consider, if it was going to be for a child’s bedroom, we would go for carpet, as it’s warmer and safer for them to play and run around on. Carpet also acts as a muffler for sound.

Laminate Flooring

If you are on a tight budget and will be using the loft for an office, it might be easier to go with a laminate floor. You can get laminate in many designs and textures, to mimic a wood floor.

Vinyl Floor

While there are a fair few flooring options for a converted loft, one you might not have considered is vinyl flooring. It’s easy to lay, cheap and comes in many colours to fit in with your style.

I would love to turn the loft into a cosy snug bedroom with lots of thick rugs, on an engineered wood floor with string lights to decorate the beams, blankets, and cushions scattered. If I can get away with a bookcase in one corner I will!

What type of flooring would you have in your loft?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful in some way.

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