Our Bedroom Decor Ideas for a New Build Master Bedroom

* I was gifted the wall art in this bedroom decor ideas post in exchange for this post. 

This Summer we celebrated our 3rd year living in our new build house. But have never got around to decorating our master bedroom. We recently added lovely wall art and decorations to the girl’s bedroom, and the living room has been done for a couple of years now. So when Posterlounge got in touch to help us spruce up our home with their stunning wall art, we chose the master bedroom. New builds can be plain with little or no character, a total contrast to my mum’s old miner’s cottage where I grew up. With a little imagination and research, this post on bedroom decor ideas for a new build master bedroom can help you turn your blank canvas into a magical space to call your own.

Our Bedroom Decor Ideas for a New Build Master Bedroom

As with quite a lot of new builds, the bedrooms are not the biggest in the world. With Mr B being a tall 6ft 5 guy and the bed stealing girls, we have a super king-size bed in our master bedroom. This leaves enough room each side for bedside tables and we have a fitted IKEA wardrobe at the end of the room. With an ensuite attached, I have no need for a dressing table, as it’s large enough for all the makeup, hairbrushes, perfume, etc on the large shelving area at the back. So we wanted the focal point of our bedroom to be the wall behind the bed. When you step into the room, you are drawn to this area. To achieve this we knew we wanted one piece of wall art. But it had to be a stunner! 

New build Master Bedroom -Super king  size bed with wall art

We spent a couple of hours discussing bedroom wall art and looking through the vast range on Posterlounge. Sometimes both Mr B and I have very different ideas to what we each like, and other times we like the same. We knew the piece was the one, as soon as we both set eyes on it. Moon Rising Over The Sea. It feels calming and relaxing, dark and mysterious, which suits our tastes fine. We both like the dark to sleep in, so invested in a pair of black blackout curtains for the room to keep the light mornings at bay. This piece of wall art really compliments our room. We love it!

Moon rising over the sea - wall art

Our Moon Rising Over The Sea measures 130 x 90 cm and is a foam board print set in a picture frame artbox. There are many picture options including canvas, acrylic, posters, a gallery print, wall sticker, wood, and even on aluminum, that’s as well as the foam board print! For your frames, you can have your wall art set in a classic wood frame, or a wood frame with a shutter, or an artbox like we did. Posterlounge will ship across Europe and print your art on demand.

Are you a fan of wall art?

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  1. One of my best friends wanted to get me something meaningful as a wedding gift, I asked her to help me find a picture for my bedroom wall because – like you – its the last room to get any love!

  2. Nice! As variety within the range of options of prints. Also picture options :- Canvas, etc is a great bonus when aiming to get the most appropriate piece of artwork for the home.

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