Fantastic Unique and Quirky Gifts For Tweens

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Can you remember yourself as a tween? I can barely! In fact, I’m not sure the word tween was around back in the mid-90s! Between the ages of 8 and 12, it can be a tricky time before they are a teen. So they say, I’ve yet to reach this stage with my girls! Kids grow up really fast nowadays and are teenagers before you know it. You need to enjoy the stage before they get to a teen, where they won’t want to get out of bed or even know you. Here in this post, I’ve put together a few ideas of unique and quirky gifts for tweens. Hopefully, they might appreciate them before they get all moody with a sulky attitude! Click here for more fantastic tween gift ideas over on Wicked Uncle!

Fantastic Unique and Quirky Gifts For Tweens

Foodie Gift Ideas For Tweens

It’s always great to get kids into baking, so how about a chocolate brownie in a mug kit? Or a cake kit to make their own rainbow cake. I’ve always wanted to attempt one of those!

Sweet treat gifts are always fun, I quite like gooey chocolate eyeballs and the chocolate stationery. If you have trouble getting your tween to eat veg, put some chocolate vegetables on their plate. That counts as 1 of your 5 a day, doesn’t it? Just look at their reaction!!

Chocolate Vegetables - quirky gifts for tweens

Image Credit – Wicked Uncle

Show them a snippet into your childhood by getting them a box of retro sweets. Do you remember the sweet necklaces? I loved the sherbet inside the flying saucers, and turning my tongue black with black jacks!

Pamper Gifts

A lovely bath bomb set or even a make your own bath bombs kit would make a cool gift. Relaxing bath time luxuries to go with a home nail salon kit would be just perfect. Also its something you could do with your tween for some mum and daughter time. Fluffy fleece blankets and cushions, headbands, and towels – if they have unicorns on even better make great gifts.

Panda Bath Pamper Gift Set

Image Credit – Wicked Uncle

Light Up Gifts

A lava lamp was one gift I do remember getting when I was 12. I would switch it on in my room and star at it for ages. There are many different lights and light up gifts you can get on the market.

Colour changing mood light

Image Credit – Wicked Uncle

I love rainbow lights. The great thing about it is that it is batteries as well as mains electric so it can be put on any shelf or table whether there is a socket nearby. If your tween is a book lover, she might like one of these super bendy lights to use as a night light for reading

Super Bendy Light

Image Credit – Wicked Uncle


Pretty journals and diaries, notebooks, and pens make awesome gifts. Somewhere to write their thoughts and feelings down. Colour in your own purse would be a cool gift for the fashion designer tween.

Colour in your own purse

Image Credit – Wicked Uncle

What gift ideas do you have for a tween? Do you struggle to find quirky gifts for tweens? Gift buying can be difficult, the older they get. But hopefully today, I have given you a few ideas to get the ball rolling! Head over to Wicked Uncle for gift help, they have the crown for gift buying when you are in a pickle! But ultimately if in doubt drop a few hints to your tween as to what they would like for their birthday or Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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  1. Many great gifts. No idea why Wicked Uncle was chosen as name for site / Business . It certainly does not appeal to me.

    “Tweens” wasn’t a term / terminology in my time. So some of us have really misses out in regards to that. Being treated as a tween, has probably become a time when some focus on treating the youngster/s.

    Pregnancy, babies and children do get a lot of attention, gifts, treats, etc. Sadly some, if not many of our older generations :- Are the Forgotten, or Neglected Generation/ s. Which is so, so sad. Also unfair / inequality. As these are the people who have raised children, grandchildren, siblings, treated / gifted to children ( their own and others), grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, cousins, friends, etc, etc. Perhaps worked and paid taxes. Now in their latter days :- How is their quality of life? How is their Wellbeing? Are their Needs addressed? Etc, etc.

    Every age and stage of life should matter. “Everyone Matters “.

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