6 Easy Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Tips

In our old house, we moved our bedroom furniture around a few times until we liked how it was in the room. When moved to our current home, we kept it virtually the same which helped tremendously! I think it’s an art to get your rooms to how you want. So it’s not only practical but aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few tips on bedroom furniture arrangement ideas to find your perfect layout.

Bedroom layout - 6 Easy Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Tips


Do you want a TV in your bedroom? Will it be on the wall or shelving unit? Do you have a full-length mirror to check your outfit for the day? If so you will need a direct path from the wardrobe to your mirror. Are you having to squeeze a home office workspace in your room? Do you want an extra chair for a cozy reading corner? The function of your bedroom needs a little thought. Think about the room as a whole and what you need and want to do in this room.

Necessary bedroom furniture

For clarity, stress-free and a calming bedroom only have the necessary bedroom furniture in the room. If your bedroom is on the small side, think about a tall chest of drawers and even shelves. The less you have in the room, the more light airy and spacious it will seem. Think about the size of the furniture relative to the space you have. 

Plan your bedroom

My husband loves to sketch room plans. It’s a great way to jig around the furniture to find the best spot for it without actually moving it around! Saving you time and energy! Don’t forget to measure your bedroom furniture items so you can draw a plan to scale so it all fits. It’s recommended that you leave 2 feet of space around the bed and in front of the furniture for easy walking. Note down where the wall sockets are for use.

plan your bedroom

Start with the bed

I’m sure you will agree the most important piece in the bedroom is the bed. Find the best spot for the bed from the start. Then you can fit the rest of your furniture around the bed. Place your old furniture pieces first then if you are looking to add to your room you can see what space you have left.

The most popular spot for the bed is in the centre of the wall across from the door. It’s the focal point of the room and you can get all the way around the bed. If the bed is just for one person then it can go against the wall leaving more floor space. Another good spot is between two windows along one wall.

Other bedroom furniture

After the bed is in place, add the bedside tables. A total must for glasses, phone, water, and the alarm clock. Next up is the dresser or chest of drawers. If you don’t have room for a wall-mounted TV, it can go on the dresser right opposite the bed for easy viewing. If you don’t have a dressing room then you will need to include the wardrobe next. These are usually the minimum furniture pieces that are needed. 

Optional extras

If you have additional bedroom space, or a loft bedroom you might want to include a vanity desk and chair, bookcase, ottoman, easy chair or sofa depending on the size of the room.

Of course, there is no right or wrong way for bedroom furniture arrangement, it’s best to experiment and find the best layout for you. 

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