Converting a Loft Space Into an Extra Bedroom

Yesterday I wrote about our extension plans for an extra bedroom for our detached house. But it got me thinking. Would it be cheaper to convert our loft space into an extra bedroom? With the house being detached the loft is around 11 metres long, which would make for a fantastic bedroom and en suite.

I think this is a good option to look at, it could save us money, give us the extra bedroom, and we wouldn’t lose any garden space. But obviously we wouldn’t be gaining any extra living or kitchen space downstairs, like the extension would give us. Lots to think about!

Converting a Loft Space Into an Extra Bedroom

I’ve been reading up on how to convert a loft space into an extra bedroom. Just to get some ideas of what’s involved. Here are some thoughts on what I’ve found.

You first need to know if your loft can be converted. While reading through some articles, the general gist is that most lofts can be converted. Your roof type will be a factor, pre 1965 most were traditional cut rafter and purlin. The rafters form an ‘M’ shape that meets the floor of your loft at its centre in this type. Or if built after 1965 your roof type is most likely a modern trussed one. In this trusses form a ‘W’ shape that meets the rooftop at its highest central point. I’m sure you will be interested in the pitch of the roof, but a loft conversion specialist can help with any queries you have on this.

If you currently use your loft for storage, this will need to go somewhere while the work is being completed. One idea is to pop it into self storage, ideal for all those Christmas decorations you only need once a year! It might also be an idea to keep a self storage unit going permanently because once the loft is converted, you don’t want to be filling it with boxes and clutter again. It’s possible that your upstairs ceilings may need to be lowered to give you the loft headspace. If this is the case then you will again need temporary self storage for your belongings and furniture while the conversion is being done.

Notifying your neighbour(s) if you are in a semi or terraced house is required of your intentions as it’s to do with a party wall and comes under the Party Wall Act 1996.

Many houses have the water tank in the loft, this would need to be moved to another area. Lucky for us our’s has its own cupboard on the landing. If you have a chimney, this will need to be taken into consideration. If it has to be moved, it will add more money to the project. Again we don’t have a chimney, as much as I love an open fire and would love to have one.

Converting a Loft Space Into an Extra Bedroom - modern attic bedroom

There are lots of things to think about when you are converting loft space into an extra bedroom. But do invest in a quality builder who knows the building regulations, and an architect to help with the plans. You want it to be a good job as you will have many years of enjoyment to come from the space.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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