So Sand DIY Tool Case – Review

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We love the So range of toys from Canal. You may remember our reviews of the So Magic DIY Wonder Garden, or when I made bath bombs from the So Bomb DIY Vanity Case Kit. Well, Canal Toys have come up with this fantastic new idea of So Sand DIY. The aim this time is to cater for the slightly older children than the ones who like the So Magic DIY range. The idea of So Sand is to create your own magic sand from scratch.

So Sand DIY Tool Case -Review

We received the new *So Sand DIY Tool Case to check out.

So Sand DIY Tool Case – £19.99

“A tool case like no other, create, craft, and store your very own DIY magic sand with the all in one case, the perfect gift for enjoying ASMR satisfaction on the go! With storage containers to keep you magic sand secure, use the cutting tools and the case itself to satisfy your senses and create awesome sushi-style sand patterns!”

L making her So Sand

What’s included in the So Sand DIY Tool Case?

  • 1 Sensory Case
  • 3 White Sand Bags
  • 3 Bags of coloured sand – yellow, pink and green
  • 7 Tools
  • Decoration Bags
  • Instruction Booklet
So Sand DIY Tool Case - whats inside

Making our own satisfying magic sand

It’s really easy to make your own coloured sand. Full step by step details are given in the instruction booklet. There are 10 sensory experiences included. First you make your sand. This part is so much fun. It’s soft to the touch and easy to mould. Love the addition of add decorations to the sand. The glitter packs are cool!

Adding Glitter to the magic So Sand

When your sand is made, you can pop it into the moulds. There is a rectangular mould and a cylindrical one. With the purple cutting tool, you can slice through the slits in the moulds.

Using the moulds and cutter in the So Sand DIY Tool Case

Before I discovered the So Sand DIY Tool Case I had never heard of ASMR. But after making our own sand I can now understand what ASMR is all about. Which is a sensory stimulation awakened by soft repetitive sounds. They bring to you a relaxing effect and a feeling of calm. It’s a great wind down activity.

L cutting up the So Sand using the moulds

We have thoroughly enjoyed trying out the So Sand DIY Tool Case. You can honestly play with it for ages, and repeating the process. It’s fantastic that top-up blind packs are available to keep your case topped up. There is something magical and satisfying about the sand!

L with her So Sand creations from the So Sand DIY Tool Case

Other products in the range include:


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