So Bomb DIY Vanity Case Review

I love a good bath bomb, I don’t get any time to use them at the moment, with the girls, but when I was younger I used them regularly. I still have a few older ones decorating my bathroom. I wished that So Bomb DIY was around when I was a kid. It would have been amazing to make my own bath bombs. L is a little small to make her own bath bombs, so on Saturday morning when Mr B took the girls out, I got out the So Bomb DIY Vanity Case that was gifted to us, and set about making them myself. It was a hugely fun activity and really relaxing. Maybe it the smell of them that made me feel calm and relaxed.

So Bomb DIY Vanity Case Review

Product Description

Enjoy luxurious baths with the So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Vanity Case. This goody-packed vanity case comes with everything you need to create beautiful bath bombs. It even has 3 surprise figures to hide inside your masterpieces! So add a little creativity to bath time.

With the So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Vanity Case, you can mix and mould your own fizzy creations for bath time magic. Mix the brightly coloured powder with the glittery powder, and then add the decorative sprinkles to the mould.

Pour in the powder mix to make a bath bomb that’s totally unique. You can even combine the coloured powders to create a marbled effect! Hide the cute characters in your bath bomb creations for a playful surprise at bath time.

This special bath bomb formula is now even quicker and easier. Every ingredient is already coloured, fragranced and measured out, so you can enjoy fizzy fun within 10 minutes. Relax in a warm tub, coloured and scented by a bath bomb you made yourself.

The So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Vanity Case has three 6cm bath bomb moulds. Just follow the directions to create unique bath bombs for yourself or a friend. The vanity case is perfect for storing all your bath time essentials.

What’s included in the So Bomb DIY Vanity Case?

  • 1 x Tool case
  • 3 x Moulds
  • 5 x Bicarbonate Sodium Bags
  • 5 x Special So Bomb Powder Bags
  • 1 x Decoration Bag
  • 1 x Mini Pipette
  • 3 x Cute surprise figures
  • 1x Instruction sheet
  • 1x Sticker sheet
What's included in the So Bomb DIY Vanity Case?

How It Works

Follow the simple instructions to make your own bath bombs. Leave to dry in the moulds, then just pop the bath bomb into your bath and watch it work wonders fizzing around the tub.

Adding the pipette of water to the coloured powder
adding citric acid to the mixture to make the bath bomb
mixing the citric acid into the mixture until no lumps are left
starting to fill the bath bomb mould
half filled bath bomb mould
covering over the figure in the bath bomb mould
placing the two bath bomb mould halves together
 bath bomb moulds drying
Finished bath bombs from So Bomb DIY

What I Thought

Love the smell of the scented bath bombs! They were easy to make by following the instructions. It was great fun to hide the little figure inside the bath bomb as I was making it.

I left them for a couple of days to dry in the mould as one had a crack, but it made no difference to the quality of the bath bomb. It fizzed just as well in the bath as the others.

Once I popped one into the bath it fizzed around like crazy around the bath tub, releasing the scent.

Fizzing bath bomb in the bath tub from So Bomb DIY

I’m highly recommending the So Bomb DIY vanity set as a great gift that is fun and creative. You can use the vanity case after for what ever you want, Or to keep more bath bomb accessories inside!

Available From

The So Bomb DIY products are available from leading retailers nationwide and Amazon

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed my review, I know I had great fun making the bombs and writing this up!

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4 thoughts on “So Bomb DIY Vanity Case Review

  1. Looks like a lot of fun making them. And so great to have a nice product as a result. I see hand made gifts coming up…..

  2. Wow! A really fantastic set! The last time I bought a bath bomb for the children I slightly gasped when I looked at the price for just one. Much more satisfying to make their ow,

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