4 Top Gardening Trends For 2019 With The Main Types Of Gardener

We have a huge awareness of the state of our planet and its increasing all the time. We want to preserve our planet for future generations to come. Now, in fact, more people than ever are making an effort to learn about the preservation and 40% of the UK (around 27 million people) now garden on a regular basis. Further down you will discover the top gardening trends for 2019 and the 4 main types of gardener.


I love reading about gardening and what’s hot in the gardening world, and I came across something on social media on how there are now 4 main types of gardener.

  • The Millennial
  • The Eco-Gardener
  • The Late Bloomer
  • The Entertainer

All of these gardeners have their own way of making their garden special, and here’s how they are creating the gardening trends of 2019.

Lights, Cameras and Filters

The Millennial generation are all social media savvy, many of us have it as a part of our job in some way. So why shouldn’t we use it for our gardens? Using cameras, filters and different lighting settings have turned gardens into explosive fountains of colour. Ideas researched on the internet for garden design ideas are huge. Just take a look at Pinterest for inspiration.

Social media is huge, we all use it, and it influences our everyday lives to let’s admit. The thing about social media is that it makes the world a smaller place. We can access information from anywhere about anything all around the world.

Millennial’s are making the indoors the new outdoors with various plants around the home. This is mainly due to the fact that a greater proportion of millennial’s are renters and lack outdoor space.

Rise of Technology

As technology advances, things are made to help our lives. So for the garden new weeders, planters, garden equipment, waterers are being designed to help us do things more easily and efficiently.

They even have drones now to help with the declining rate of insect populations (due to our lifestyle). These drones assist in monitoring crops for damage and help with pollination.

The type of gardener looking for the latest gadgets on the garden market are the “late bloomers” The late bloomers are gardeners who are “late” to gardening and have somehow missed gardening knowledge passed down through the generations. So they are always on the look out for an easier fix.


The Eco-gardener is always on the lookout for new ways to reduce carbon footprints and food miles. These gardeners lead the way for producing sustainable food, organic goods and participating in grow your own projects involving communities.

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The Garden is the ‘fifth room’ of the House

With house prices so expensive, people are using their gardens as an extra room for entertaining. With many choices on garden furniture and accessories, it’s pretty easy to turn your garden into the “fifth room”. These types of gardener are the entertainers, although not technically skilled in gardening!

So there you have the top gardening trends for 2019.

Which type of gardener are you?

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  1. I dont fit in to any of these categories as I garden for pleasure, and love it when I can give produce to some of my friends

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