5 Summer Interior Design Trends for 2019

I don’t know about you, but I love to change my home around due to which season we are in. Now we are supposedly in Summer (the weather is not so sure on that!) I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite Summer interior design trends for 2019.

5 Summer Interior Design Trends for 2019

Interior Design Trends

Starting off with the living room, now I like my living room to feel “lived in” so I have a lot of soft furnishings and plenty of photos on our memory wall.

The interior trends for this Summer include a lot of open shelving, natural textures, soft velvety chairs, ceramics, and mustard shades. You could say a Scandi theme is appropriate. To add an element of your style to the living room you could include personalised street signs for the wall also.

Touching on the natural textures, this is a very sought after trend at the moment with the emphasis on sustainability. Ethical cottons, bamboo accessories, seagrass and jute carpets, rugs and runners and plant holders, and eco and natural paints are the must have materials.

Having lots of plants around is on the up. Not only do they help to reduce stress, but they at as air purifiers as well. I’m on the hunt to find a couple of nice plants for my bathrooms.

I could talk about home interiors forever! There is always some new and exciting trend coming up. I’ve just touched on 5 of my favourite interior trends in this post. But of course, you can discover more over in my interior section. If you pop over to Cocktails in Teacups, you will find some fantastic tips on freshening up your interiors as well.

5 Summer Interior Trends

  1. Natural Textures
  2. Open Shelving
  3. Soft Velvety Chairs
  4. Ceramics
  5. Mustard

What are your top interior design trends this Summer? Is there anything specific you would like in your home?

As always I love to read your thoughts and ideas.

Thanks for popping by.

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