7 Top Tips On Working From Home With Toddlers Around

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Working from home with toddlers around, hmm. It’s hard. But it can be done. You just need to be super organised and listen to the wants and needs of your toddler, while getting your work done.

You might say, well how do you do that?

Working from home is truly the best of both worlds. You can be around for your children but still, bring in some money. With childcare costs getting ridiculously high, it’s really a no-brainer. As you know I work on this blog, part-time as well as having what I call a day job. I used to be full time in my day job but after having my second child, it didn’t make sense to go back full time. So I stepped up a gear on my business and earn the difference and more on this to supplement my day job. With house prices high in Cornwall, it takes two full-time wages to pay the mortgage, bills, food and to live.

7 Top Tips On Working From Home With Toddlers Around

Working from home is not for the faint hearted. Without kids, you still have to be super organised and make the most of your time. But with kids, I know for me it gives me motivation and drive to succeed. You have to deal with isolation and working on your own. I believe it’s not for everyone. I’ve always enjoyed working by myself and I thrive from it. Being my own boss is amazing, I’ve never liked being told what to do!

Here are a few top tips to enable you to work from home on your business as well as looking after the kids.

Working From Home With Toddlers

  • Get Up Early – If you have a late riser, get up a couple of hours earlier and make the most of that time. Are you a morning person? If so use this time to crack on with the tasks that need a lot of thinking and effort. If you are not a morning person, grab a cup of coffee and go about the simpler tasks, that take the least effort. For example, answering emails, writing to do lists and getting organised for the day ahead.

  • Use Family Help – Get your family to help you out, by watching the kids for a few hours while you work. I’m lucky my mother in law lives close by and is always happy to help out looking after the girls. A regular few hours a week is a fantastic way for structuring in business meetings or important phone calls you need to take. You could go as far as having your own phone booth or pod, for privacy installed.

  • Take Advantage of Nap Time – Most babies and toddlers have 1 or 2 hours nap time. It’s important for them to have naps for development and growth. Use this time to be productive and work.

  • Independent Play – Encourage your little ones to play independently. It’s good for them to explore and play by themselves for short periods. Set up busy bags to keep them entertained. Busy bags are bags filled with quiet activities to keep toddlers entertained. They can be used anywhere: planes, car trips. Waiting rooms and of course at home during quiet time. Items included in busy bags are things like: Crayons, paper, sticky notes, and stickers. Surprise Sensory Matchboxes and Fuzzy Felt Pictures.

  • Work Outside – With it coming up to Summer, working outside is not only beneficial to you, to get work done in a different setting, but kids love the outside. You can set them up with water tables, padding pools, sand pits and more. They will spend hours if not all day outside. Letting you get on with work.

  • Use Educational Apps and Websites – For children over 2 years old, screen time can be educational and entertaining. For short periods of time, it is far from detrimental to toddlers and preschoolers. Most learning is now done online. We have the Kindle Fire for Kids for L and there are lots of educational apps on it for her.

  • Make Them Feel Important – If they want your attention give it to them. Put your phone down for 15 minutes and give them your whole attention. The whole reason you are working from home is to be there for your kids more. If you are working at your desk, set them up beside you with their colouring things or play computer. Toddlers love to help you!

These are some of the tips I use when working from home with toddlers. I’m pretty sure you have lots more wonderful ideas, and I would love to hear them. So please feel free to share your tips or message me.

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6 thoughts on “7 Top Tips On Working From Home With Toddlers Around

  1. I agree starting early in the morning is key to getting everything done. I start at 5am and so much done before the family gets up. An added bonus is the peace and quiet at this time of day.

  2. Good tips. I’m going to try and do the same with a couple of days in my day job alongside some freelance work. I think we need to work on independent anything with my clingy little bub!

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