Future Home Extension Plans For a Detached Home

When we moved into our current 3 bed detached home in 2017 we knew it would be our forever home. Of course, we would have loved a 4 bed, but our budget didn’t stretch that far. It’s funny but we moved from a terraced 4-bed townhouse to this 3 bed, so in a way, I guess we did downsize or compromise on living space. We have home extension plans, we just need to save.

Future Home Extension Plans For a Detached Home

But we did it for a good reason. We now live in a fantastic country village with an amazing community and amenities. Plus we have a wonderful garden, drive, and garage. Our old house was built into the side of a hill, so the garden was slopey. We had 32 steps to get halfway up the garden! Not child friendly at all! I also couldn’t get on with the upside-down living. Our living room was on the first floor. A total pain for eating tea in front of the TV. But the 4 bed had a dream kitchen – which I still miss now. It was massive with a lovely breakfast bar.

So we have been talking about future home extension plans. Especially since now, Mr B is working from home at least 3 days a week. The smallest bedroom has been turned into the home office while the girls share. We would love a double story extension. So an extra bedroom upstairs and an extension to our kitchen diner. That would be the dream.

When the time comes, if a full double storey isn’t allowed due to planning, we would be happy with a conservatory or a room so we could move the dining table into. This would free up more space in the kitchen to have that redesigned with more cupboard units and a breakfast bar. I know I will be losing some garden space, which funnily enough is where my veggie plots are. But choosing the right outdoor led lighting to complement the garden and extension would make it a great outdoor-indoor space for the family.

Home Extension plans

There are many things to take into consideration when planning an extension. You will need to have a good plan in place that fits your budget. Look into the rules and regulations and if you need planning permission. For me, it will be important to find a good builder. One that we can trust. When the time comes I will be looking for recommendations from family and friends. I would love a country style kitchen, so there is that to think about. Getting the timings right to coincide with the build will take planning. So knowing what you need when will have to be organised. When it all gets done, the fun part will come in, interior design!

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