Family-friendly holidays for parents with toddlers

Going on holiday with a toddler in tow can be challenging, to say the least. Even just getting to the airport for the right time can be punishing; one mother writing for The Telegraph cautions that there are “no more lie-ins, no long, boozy lunches, no devouring a novel in an afternoon”.

Nonetheless, that mother, Chloe Lambert, has enthused that travelling with her young daughter “has offered some of the happiest moments of my life”. Your own holiday time with your toddler can be similarly blissful – here are a few places especially worth considering for future trips.

 Family-friendly holidays for parents with toddlers

The Algarve, Portugal

When you’ve got a toddler to keep looking out for, you can find yourself striving for a good break – and, obvious though it may come across, that’s exactly what you should all jet off to. So, you may wish to cast your eye at the delightful Da Balaia resort, on the Portuguese cliffs of the Algarve, when choosing a great place to stay. 

Childcare here can account for children aged from four months old up to teenage years. The staff looking after the kids here are so good and offer so much fun that, according to HELLO!, “kiddos are usually begging to stay all day.” More time for you to enjoy the adult-only, chlorine-free zen pool nearby…

Orlando, Florida

If you and your kid have enjoyed watching Toy Story 4 in the cinema together recently, you can both meet up with the gang again thanks to Toy Story Land, an attraction that has recently opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, as the Visit Orlando site explains.

Other toddler-friendly attractions in this Florida city include Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando. Booking for Orlando is also easier than you might think, too. You could start by buying a holiday package through the travel agency Ocean Florida, which has its own base in Florida.

our own holiday time with your toddler can be similarly blissful - here are a few places especially worth considering for future trips

Cyprus – the jewel of the eastern Mediterranean

Cyprus is a fantastic holiday destination away with the children. You have fine food and many attractions to explore including theme and water parks. If you head to Lemesos and the South area there are shallow waters on the city beaches which are perfect for toddlers. With lots of sun and ice cream, Cyprus is a great family-friendly destination and you can even rent a villa in Cyprus to take the grandparents as well!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Like Florida, Dubai has a reputation for sun, sun and… well, even more sun. Hence, it’s a lovely place to enjoy splashing about in warm water – and the family can enjoy exactly that at a water park within the bounds of Dubai Parks and Resorts, which also includes three world-class theme parks.

Yes, it really is a lot like Florida – and, if you are unsure where to book your stay in Dubai, it would be fair to say that the Lapita Hotel comes well-recommended. That’s not least because this family-friendly, Polynesian-themed resort is located inside Dubai Parks and Resorts itself. 

Frankly, our mention of Polynesia has probably got you thinking what holiday possibilities could lie over in that part of the world, too. However, even if you can’t see anything that excites you and your little one enough there, rest assured that choosing the right, toddler-friendly holiday doesn’t have to be as arduous as other frazzles parents may have you believe. 

Even the booking process can be surprisingly straightforward, whether you are booking flights, a suitable hotel or tickets to theme parks. It’s time to have fun, so take the time out now to ensure you pick the right place for your young family.

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