Signs of a Hyper Dog and How to Handle it

Some dogs have been known to have very high energy levels. Their energy levels can be seen to be really up to the maximum when compared with others. But depending on how they are handled, they can either be great companions or sources of trouble and mischief. One thing about a hyper dog is that their focus and attention levels are usually very low due to this hyperactivity.

Signs of a Hyper Dog and How to Handle it

Having a dog that is hyperactive can pose a potential danger if not properly handled. It can also be very exhausting for the owner to handle if they are not well informed on the matter. This is because it is always busy chasing after things such as butterflies that it does not even bother about safety and obedience to its parent. Accidents can occur as a result of this. 

In order to prevent the dangers or troubles associated with an energetic dog that is hyper, you will need to understand the signs that show that your pooch is hyperactive and also know how to handle them.

Below are some signs and how to go about calming them.

Signs or Symptoms of Hyperactive Dogs

There are things that will show you that your pooch is hyperactive. It’s good to spot them early so you can start dealing with the issue early. Here are things to watch out for…

  1. Inability to concentrate: 

If a dog cannot pay attention, it will be difficult to train since he or she will always be distracted and this will also result in disobedience.

  1. Snappish or aggressive behavior: This is particularly seen when the dog is stressed out.
  2. Disobedience: Since it is difficult for the dog to maintain focus for long when in a repetitive training, there is the tendency to be disobedient. This is so because he/she gets bored easily when told to do the same thing over and over. It ends up appearing like the dog is not showing you some respect. You will notice that the dog is ignoring when you call and his/her eyes are not focused on what or where you want.
  3.  Destructiveness: Chewing on clothes, furniture and other stuff are also some of the symptoms that can be noticed in hyperactive canines. For more information on these symptoms you can click here.

Causes of Hyperactivity

It’s in their Nature

There are particular breeds which are naturally very energetic while they are still puppies. This is because of their genes. Others are hyperactive because of physiological disorders such as thyroid dysfunction which is found both in animals and humans. Studies show a little improvement in those who went for thyroid therapy.

The Way they are Brought Up

Another reason why your canine friend may be hyperactive is because he/she is around children who are over-active. Over-active children have a big influence on puppies. They tend to get very excited and try to imitate whatever the children do. So pay attention to how your child and puppy interact at first.

Being isolated from people also has a big effect on your furry friend. When you leave him or her alone for too long, he or she will end up releasing their energy in the wrong way. 

Not being fed in the right way may also affect them as well. This is why it is important to feed your dog properly always. Find out the right foods for your furry one here:

Dealing with the Hyperactive

Dealing with the Hyperactive

Here are easy tips on how to handle your hyperactive canine…

Alter their Everyday Routine

Ensure that you get him/her to exercise regularly. If there isn’t enough time for you to do this get them a sitter/walker. Also be careful about their diet, try your best to avoid giving them sugar or processed food.

Give them Something to do

Tire your dog out by exercising them daily or making them wear a bag on their bike while going on walks. This will help tone their hyperactivity down.

Don’t Pay Attention to their Bad Behavior

Scolding or trying to comfort your dog is another way of saying that you are taking notice of their frequent outbursts. This will make your dog think that you tolerate what they are doing, enabling them to continue. So don’t talk to, touch or look at them when they act like this.

Be an Example

The kind of energy that comes out of you will be displayed in your dog. So you can’t try to calm your dog down if you are angry or over excited. Don’t be too nervous or stressed out since they will do whatever you do. Hyperactivity is a common thing in puppies that haven’t learnt the way to behave and just want to have fun. However, when they grow having this same behavior it could cause problems.

Top Hyperactive Breeds

While hyperactivity in your dog may be from the energy you emit, there are dog breeds which are naturally hyperactive. The breeds are listed down below…

  1. Vizsla
  2. German shepherd
  3. Poodle
  4. Dalmation
  5. Labrador retriever
  6. Chihuahua
  7. Yorkshire terrier
  8. English pointer
  9. Border collie
  10. Airedale terrier
  11. Irish setter
  12. Miniature pinscher
  13. Siberian husky
  14. Weimaraner
  15. Staffordshire bull terrier
  16. Australian shepherd
  17. Boxer
  18. Jack Russell terrier
  19. Brittany spaniel
  20. Pembroke welsh corgi
  21. Belgian malinois
  22. Golden retriever
  23. English Springer spaniel
  24. Shetland sheepdog
  25. Beagle


So these are the things you can do to calm your dog down. The change may be slow, but it will eventually happen. That is, if you stay the course. Just remember to calm down and not get too excited or angry. And don’t forget to be a good example because your furry friend will do whatever you do.

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