Top Tips on Choosing the Right Dog for You

You may remember last week I chatted about the pros and cons of getting a dog. Well, today I had a catch up with an old friend of mine and she was talking away about how she would love to get a dog. But wasn’t sure how to choose the right dog. We were having a good old chin wag about how a dog would benefit her and her family. So this evening I’ve been having a read up on some tips on choosing the right dog for you, like a German Shepherd. Hopefully, this will bring some clarity to the situation!

Top Tips on Choosing the Right Dog for You

If you have a read online there are some good quizzes on selecting the right dog breed for your family and lifestyle. Some start off with you as a complete beginner in owning a dog and don’t have a clue on what breed you would want. Others start with you knowing which type of dog you want, and then it will match you to a breed. Lastly, there is one that knows exactly they breed and type of dog you want, but this quiz is to confirm that the dog would be suitable for you. Most dogs will be your friend in exchange for a chew treat

If you start off at the beginning and question why are you getting a dog? This is a good place to start. Is it you are looking for a companion? To act as a guard for you and your family? or an active dog to join you in outdoor activities?

Think about how much time you will have to take the dog out for exercising, including walking, running and playing. Also how much time the dog could be at home alone while you are out. Or is the dog able to come to? Dogs can be really attentive and useful in emergencies when doing your CPR training with a

Some larger dog breeds need space. Choosing the right dog will be important in this instance as it will need to fit into the space you already have. As an example, if you have a large house with acres of outside space you can have one of the more larger active breeds. But if you live in a small flat with little to no outside space then your options have changed.

Top Tips on Choosing the Right Dog for You

Do you have any other pets that the dog would have to get on with/get used to being around? We have chickens, so getting a dog would have to be happy around the chicken coop.

What size dog are you looking to choose? A large to giant breed – some are as big as Shetland ponies! A small dog, or something in the middle? Do you want a dog with long or short hair? Do you have the time to brush them each day? To train them? Money for vet’s bills?

There are lots of things to consider when choosing the right dog for you. But I believe there is a dog out there for everyone. You just need to find them! I suggest writing a list of all the important points to you and what you can provide. Then start your search.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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