The Pros and Cons of Getting a Dog

Before I had the girls I used to work full time, same as Mr B. We would be both out of the house for 10 hours a day and this would have been impossible for us to have a dog and care for it properly. Over the past 4 years since having the girls, I’ve dropped down to three mornings a week. So the possibility of having a dog could be on the cards. Mr B has grown up with dogs and me also. I grew up on a smallholding so we always had dogs around. When I was a kid we had 4 at one point. Shep, Zab, Snoopy, and Jess. Mum has a little terrier at the moment called Mia who the girls adore. But having a dog is not a light decision, therefore I’m going to go through the pros and cons of getting a dog. This will hopefully help us come up with a decision.

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Dog

Pros of getting a dog

  • Dogs make you happy. You can take them on walks, run around and play with them.
  • You can spoil them. There are many toys and accessories you can buy online from independent businesses that use so you know your payment details are kept secure.
  • The most interesting advantage of getting a dog is that they can help to lower your blood pressure, they really are great pets.
  • They can also support dementia care and lower your anxiety levels just by stroking.
  • Dogs are loyal and are there to protect and be by your side. A simple bark from a dog can deter would-be burglars.
  • Just be sure to research if they have weird habits like dog eats poop.

Cons of owning a dog

  • Time. Having a dog means you need the time to exercise it. They love to run around in the woods and fields, it’s when they are the happiest. They love to sniff around in the outside areas so having a dog in the city can be tricky. Don’t forget to microchip and label their collars here just in case they run off!
  • If you go away frequently even just for a night you will need to have someone readily available to watch your dog. It could be family or friends. Or even a dog kennel, but these stays in a kennel doesn’t come cheap. Whoever you put in charge to look after your dog, make sure they know how to care for a dog.
  • The cost of keeping a dog is expensive. Buying food and vet’s bills will have to be factored into the discussion of the pros and cons of getting a dog.
  • Don’t forget the dog hair. Dogs shed hair, it can end up everywhere around the home. You would want to invest in the best dog deshedding tool to keep your house as hair-free as possible.
  • You need the patience to train your dog if you want them to know limits. Such as knowing their food is different from ours and going outside to the toilet.

There are many things to consider before owning a dog. Researching dog breeds is important as they have different characteristics. you could look into adopting a dog, there are thousands that are looking for a home.

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