Thinking of Changing Your Job? New Job Ideas For 2020

Are you looking for a change of job, career? The start of a new year sees many new job searches for people wanting a change of career. With all those New Year’s resolutions being made, a high proportion of them (besides losing weight!) is learning new skills and changing careers. So I’ve had a little spare time to have a browse around the web and I’ve come up with some new job ideas for 2020.

Did you know the biggest obstacle for having a change of career, is you?

It’s funny as I’m about to go through this change myself. But there are things holding me back. The biggest thing for me is to change. I’m not good with change, I will totally admit that. Also giving up a regular wage. Going freelance is scary as you don’t know when the next paycheck is coming. Unless of course, you have a regular contract. Oh, the dream!! I’ve also been in my “day job” for 15 years. I had my job before my family, house and Mr B. But for my family with school runs, etc the hours are not working out.

Thinking of Changing Your Job? New Job Ideas For 2020

I suppose as I’m edging closer to 40, now is the time to make this change for my family for the better. Changing careers and jobs is hard but it’s done by thousands of people every day. Here are a few new job ideas to look at that I’ve found and if you look here there are a few more.

Freelancing Career

OK, so I’m starting off with finding yourself a freelancing career. Working remotely is one of the best working ways in my opinion. You can work from home in your pj’s. Or in a coffee shop, at the beach, on holiday. You name it you can pretty much work anywhere as long as there is WiFi.

But you do have to work hard to build up your reputation and contacts. It doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve been working on my freelance business for 5 years now and only feel comfortable now at going full time. Within the freelance world, you can sell your skills. It could be things like photographing food and smoothies like this website or writing and social media management, graphic design or becoming a VA. The list is endless.

Manual Jobs

Here in Cornwall, there are lots of manual jobs on the farms. In fact, we are now entering the Daffodil season and there are Daffodil picker jobs going on lots of farms. Manual work is hard going and not the best pay. But you are out in the fresh air and doing your exercise at the same time in some of the prettiest areas. You may come across at-will employment in this type of work. If you are not sure what that is here you can learn what is at-will employment. If working outside is not quite your thing, you could become a mover. Look here now for moving options. It’s a manual job but not outside in the elements all the time.

Office-Based Jobs

If you are looking for more structure to your career, there are many office-based jobs that are out there to look at. Working in HR gives you the chance to speak with employees, carry out interviews and do motivational speeches. Perfect if you are people-orientated. How about working in marketing? If you have a creative flair and love statistics and behaviours, a change of job to marketing will let you do this and more.

There are plenty of new job ideas our there to discover, just don’t let yourself hold you back!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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3 thoughts on “Thinking of Changing Your Job? New Job Ideas For 2020

  1. Some really good suggestions. Thank you. Manual work is an excellent stop gap between jobs and can be surprisingly enjoyable.

  2. I would love to change my job. It is very flexible though so I will have to keep at it until the children are older and I can work different hours rather than just in between school hours. It would be great to work outside

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