Going back to work after maternity leave the second time around

Going back to work after maternity leave the second time around is much harder. I’ve been back 8 weeks this week and I’m feeling shattered. Being up at night a few times then getting up at either 4:30am or 5:30am is exhausting. Plus getting everything organised the night before, you have double the pack lunches to arrange, double the spare clothes to organise. The list is endless!

the girls - materniy leave the second time around

I’ve found it much harder this time. Even though I’ve gone back part time. It hasn’t helped that baby Dottie is very clingy. She would happily sit on my lap or lie in my arms all day long. She panics if she can’t see me. But then she’s just turned 10 months old. Dear of her, it’s been hard on both of us.

I work 2 mornings during the week (at the moment until I use up all my annual leave) and all day Saturdays. My mother in law has both girls on the weekday mornings then on Saturdays they are with Mr B. I did arrange for baby Dottie to stay with my mum for the 2 mornings but she hated being separated from her sister as well as me. So they are both at mine now with my mother in law. I’ve arranged for baby girl to start pre school in April after she’s turned three on go on the mornings I work, so then there is only baby Dottie for my mother in law to look after. I think the two of them are a bit much for her. When I get home the house is a bombsite, with toys everywhere! Then I get baby girl telling me to take my work clothes off as soon as I’m inside the door.

The great thing about only working mornings is that we spend every afternoon at the park, weather permitting. It’s their treat. Also I get mummy guilt for leaving them, so I do what they want to do.

park life

Like after my first maternity leave, I’ve gone back to work while still breastfeeding. She still wakes in the night for a dream feed. Then she has a feed as soon as I get home (she’s gagging for it by then!) then in the evenings she has a couple of feeds. She won’t drink milk out of a bottle or a beaker. I’ve tried numerous times. But unlike her sister a bottle is not for her. Now she’s nearing 12 months old I’m going to start trying her with cows milk in a month or so. Hopefully she might take to that.

baby dottie - maternity leave

This time I will keep breastfeeding until she decides to stop herself. I only stopped breastfeeding my toddler when I found out I was pregnant as I wanted a break in-between them. 

The key to going back to work after maternity leave the second time around is organisation, and chocolate. You will need the chocolate for energy (Boost bars are good for this). Make lists to remember everything, because after two babies you will have severe baby brain and will be living in a fog!

If you went back to work after maternity leave, how did you find it?

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6 thoughts on “Going back to work after maternity leave the second time around

  1. I’m at the point of returning from maternity leave with my first and I’m not gonna lie, I’m finding it very difficult. I worked 30 hours a week before and I’m planning on dropping this to 24, but I’ve been doing odd days of work until I go back in April and each time I’ve had 2 or 3 shifts in a week and it’s been so hard. My other half works nights and I work afternoons so he has to get home and try to sleep before I work (he can get a max of 6 hours) then when I get home he has to go to work! Not only is it hard for me missing my baby during my shift, but I don’t even get to see my fiancé! I’m not sure I’d be able to cope if I had another, but I don’t want my boy to be an only child

  2. Oh dear I do feel for you, nothing beats a good night’s sleep which unfortunately you are not getting at the moment . The only thing I can say is that it does get better in time. You have your child minding well sorted out so that is bound to help.

  3. Sounds familiar, I have three children, I dont work as I care for my fiance as he has heart failiure but I still dont stop organising every thing and making sure everyone is ok, but I wouldnt have it any other way, good luck with nursery, my daughter will be 2 next week, she also starts nursery after easter for 3 hours a day, unsure on how many days im going to let her go for yet as im really not sure im ready for her to go, shes totally ready and very confident and independent for her age xx

  4. Wow what a journey – your mother in law is quite the star – youve done so well multitasking – good luck with the change to cows milk …..

  5. It is always hard going back to work after a baby, but I found that it helped if I reminded myself that ultimately the children will benefit. Firstly, in the short term, it helps to cover the costs of raising a baby / small child, and you can get them more toys & books, can take them on more days out etc.
    Secondly, it gives you a break from childcare and helps ensure that you do not become isolated and lonely, as you will be able to interact with adults at work, and engage those parts of your brain that childcare does not activate, which means the time with your child is of higher quality.
    Lastly, it helps significantly longer term. By working, even part-time, you keep at least one foot on the career ladder, and will see your income grow over the years. When your kids become teenagers and young adults, the list of expenses just seems to keep on growing. Tutoring for GCSEs and A levels, mobile phones, laptops or tablets, fashionable clothes, university expenses, help when they want to rent their first flat, weddings, house deposits, etc. etc.

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