5 must-visit places in Taipei

A city recently discovered by tourists has seen an overwhelming incline in the number of visits per year. What makes it unique is its mix of ancient as well as modern forms of living. Here, you will find still sitting on the floors, but having advanced beauty products. The habits which are fast dying in the western world are withheld with great respect in Taipei, Taiwan. The following article will guide you through some places for your next Taipei tours.

Chaing Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial:

In a corner of a large area of stone paved land, the Chaing Kai Shek Memorial Hall is a sight in itself. Built in commemoration of the former President of the Republic of China, Chiang Kai-Shek, it stands at the east end of Liberty Square. A huge sculpture of the former President sitting on a chair, smiling at the visitors, awaits inside this memorial hall. The guards, who stand as still as silent water, stand beside the stone cut statue. After every hour, the guards are changed ever so quietly. Keeping the hall aside, the guards are an attraction themselves. Their walking, their breathing, their standing, every stance they change or posture they make is robotic.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial:

Doctor Sun Yat Sen has only been to Taipei for four times in his lifetime, but his contribution towards the place had instigated the people here to build a memorial hall in his remembrance. His ideas live on through the monuments erected. It is in the Xinyi district and was constructed in 1972. He is considered to be the father of the Republic of China. The hall covers an area of a staggering 29,464 square feet. Though not as large as doctor’s ideology, this monument fervors him with deep veneration. The building also includes an exhibition hall, a performance center, lecture halls, a library, audiovisual center, and many more academically related halls. It currently is a part of the Ministry of Education of Taipei.

National Palace Museum:

Housing several priceless artifacts from preceding Chinese emperors and rulers, the National Palace Museum has up to seven hundred thousand pieces of such artifacts. You must be wondering what it must be impossible for a person to have a tour of this entire palace on one trip to Taipei. You are right. You need to come here again and again, allured by its preserved history. The museum has two branches, the Northern Branch and the Southern Branch. The Northen Branch of the museum was designed by Huang Baoyu, this branch of the museum is dedicated to depicting the lives of Qing dynasty’s Qianlong Emperor through the artwork of modern contemporary artists. It has paintings and calligraphy of Tang Yin. The Southern Branch of the museum is located in an entirely different area of the country.

Elephant Mountain:

Engaging the tourists in a lengthy hike, the Elephant mountain is a trek trail for the tourists with hiking hobbies. Life is a climb, but the view is great. It has come exactly true for this particular hike. It is officially called the Xiangshan Hiking trail and takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the top of the trial. The entire path is a path of stairs, which makes the journey a bit more tiring, but you have the option of undertaking the short route or the longer route. It will feel like a decent workout while climbing up the stairs, but the skyline of the city atop the hill will make every drop of sweat worth it. The Taipei 101 is the actual sight that people climb the stairs for.

Fortune telling Street:  

Here you will come across rows of fortune tellers who will try to guess what your future holds. If you are someone who believes in fortune telling and zodiacs, this place is for you. Many of the fortune tellers have also worked with famous celebrities, and photographs of them with the celebrities hang off of their cabin to declare they are genuine and famous. They tell you about your future by reading it off of your palms and also by reading tarot cards. You might also be fascinated to see birds taking part in such sessions.

Taipei is a place that is beautiful in every corner, but unfortunately, it is not as popular as many others. This doesn’t imply that you cannot enjoy here rather you would love your stay here and would feel like coming back again and again.

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