The Start of a New Garden From the Beginning

When we moved into our new house at the end of June 2017, I had great plans on designing the new garden. I love gardens, the outdoor space, the tranquility, the plants, nature. I adore it all. I knew when we bought off-plan that the house had a pretty rectangular-shaped garden, much better than our hilly garden in the old house! So I know this is a garden I can get the most out of. My husband said I had such a huge smile on my face when I saw actually how big it was. The size is roughly 12 x 18 metres. I have yet to get out and measure it properly!

It was a garden of mud, but I loved it! I looked beyond that and could see the potential, here is the start of the new garden right from the beginning.

The first thing I planted a couple of weeks back was a cherry tree in the top left back corner. I thought down the left side I would plant all my fruit bushes and have a mini orchard. So far I have in 2 blueberry bushes, a red gooseberry, yellow raspberry and of course the cherry tree. Apart from the cherry tree, I brought the rest with me in tubs from the old house. Now they are in the ground, hopefully, they will do better.

Across the back of the new garden I hope to start a veg patch, but that will be a work in progress the rest of the Summer and into the Autumn.

UPDATE – We set up two fruit and veg planters during lockdown! Grew lots of strawberries, rhubarb, onions, french beans, radishes and lettuce.

veg mini plots
veg plots

The next step for our garden is to arrange space for a garden office sheds. With both myself and Mr B working from home, we need more working space. I like the thought of working in a garden office looking out over the garden and the chickens!

Start of a New Garden From the Beginning

Now when they build a new home they pave out the least amount of patio that they can get away to cut costs. In fact in our old home which funnily enough was a new build when we bought it, had no patio at all. We moved into that one, one January and outside the back door was a mud pit!

Anyhow this time we popped over to speak to the site manager and asked if there was anyway we could get our patio extended, he said of course, he will send around the groundsmen to give us a quote.

Fantastic! to be honest because my paving slabs are of a lovely design I was worried if we had to do it ourselves I wouldn’t find the slabs to match the rest.

The start of a new garden

The quote was reasonable and the workmen came back in the evening after they finished on site to make a start. The first night they dug all the earth and turf up to get a proper base. Then last night they came back and laid the concrete mix and placed all the patio slabs in place. Tonight they will be back to point and finish off. By the time they finished up at ours for the evening the poor guys had done over a 12 hour day. It’s fascinating chatting to them about their work. They don’t stop for the whole day on site, and they are glad of the extra overtime that we have given them because in the Winter their days are much shorter and less work. There is some truth in the saying “make hay when the sun shines”

When the patio is completed, I’m hoping the sun will still be shining so my husband can get out and cut the grass for the first time! The turf really took well and as you can see from the photos it’s now a lush green. That’s all the Cornish rain for you! We have bought a new lawn mower but are still on the lookout for a grass trimmer for all those pesky edges. SGS have a good selection of grass trimmers as well as other garden tools, so worth having a look at. I hope you like the beginning of our new garden, and will keep with us on this exciting journey. Now I need to find some time and the sun!

Do you have any plans to spruce up your garden next Summer?

Thanks for stopping by, as always I love to read your thoughts, and don’t forget to pop back and follow our garden transformation!

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