Moving Into a New Build Home On a Building Site

It’s been over three and a half years since we moved into our new build home on a building site. Well, it was a building site at the time! Ours was the first house completed on the road, so in this post, I’m going to share with you what it’s actually like to live on a building site, and no I won’t be holding back!

Moving Into a New Build Home On a Building Site

Buying from plan

Mr B came across our development one night coming home from work after the main road was closed. He saw a sign in a field about new houses coming soon. It piqued our interest due to the location being in a quaint village outside the main town. We put in an enquiry and booked an appointment to come and view the plans. One thing we did find out right from the start was that they were going to be very energy-efficient houses with new-fangled air-water heat pump systems. You can learn more here about that.

We were one of the first people to look at the plans for our road so chose the house in the spot with the best looking garden. It would be 13 months later until we finally got our moving in day!

Moving in day

I was so excited and a little stressed on moving day. We didn’t find out until 3 pm the afternoon before that we would be moving the next day. It was crazy. Thank goodness for our excellent movers like these guys who helped us move everything safely. They unloaded the lorry and put it all where we wanted. It was a rainy day so the mud was everywhere. The builders had to get hose pipes to keep washing the paths down to the house so it wasn’t trampled inside on our new carpets.

Living on a building site

As I mentioned earlier we were the first people to move into our new build home on the building site. Our lawn was yet to be turfed so it was a mud pit. We hadn’t yet got the porch up over the front door. The developers had an issue with the porch arriving in time. Our drive was next to the builder’s yard gate so there were cement mixers, lorries and diggers stopped on and just outside the drive all the time. One day when I came back from work, my drive was actually blocked by a lorry load of gravel! It was crazy! We needed these construction zones must-haves that you can learn more here about while living there for that first year.

One thing I will mention is the noise. The diggers would be starting up every day around 8 am, digging, drilling the lot. I remember back now thinking how busy it was around here then. Our village shop was overwhelmed at lunchtime with builders wanting a hot pasty or sausage roll for lunch. Now it’s very quiet. The road is silent. I love it and can’t imaging living anywhere else now.

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