How Decking Can Transform Your Garden

Decking is a great way to enhance your garden. It can make your outdoor space look better, and give you more capacity to enjoy it. You can use your decking area to house a seating area, or fill it with attractive plants to make it a focal point. If done right, decking can add value to your home, but if it’s done badly, the opposite could be true.

Think About Purpose

Decking can be used for several different purposes, so in the planning stages, its important to consider what you would like to use the decking for. Would you like to use it as a place to relax? Perhaps as a space for entertaining? Or do you wish to use it for storage, as an alternative to a garden shed? Knowing the function of the decking can help you plan – you can make sure there is enough space for a table and chairs, or leave room for a fire pit.


There are lots of different things to consider when you’re thinking about where to place your decking area. You don’t want it to overpower the space, so the size of the decking is a factor. However, small gardens can still use decking; you just need to plan efficiently. You’ll also need to think about the sun – for instance, if you want to use your decking area to relax and you build it in an area that is blocked by the sun; you won’t get the desired effect. These are all things to consider before you get to work with building the decking area.

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Choose Your Materials Carefully

You can choose from softwood or hardwood timber decking. Hardwood is a warmer colour and is more durable, but it is expensive to buy. Softwood is cheaper and easier to work with, but needs more maintenance, and you will probably have to re-stain it every year. You can also get PVC decking which requires almost no maintenance, but does not look as attractive as timber decking. You should always buy your decking parts from a high-quality decking manufacturer.


If you have a small garden, one of the best ways to make a decking area work for the space is to consider putting it on multiple levels. Raised decking also works well if your garden is slightly uneven, as it can create a flat surface which you can use for a seating area. You can also use the space underneath the decking for storage. Ground level decking is useful for keeping your garden flat, and is easier to build than raised decking.


Decking doesn’t have to be rectangular; you can experiment with different shapes to help it suit the space.  Decking with a curved edge has a softer finish and looks great alongside natural materials like gravel, bark and grass. However, a deck with straight edges is easier to construct, and gives your garden more of an angular finish.

decking can transform your garden

Laying Patterns

You don’t have to lay your decking boards in a straight line, there are lots of other ways to lay them to create a unique effect. You could lay them horizontally, diagonally or in a chevron pattern, to create a talking point for your guests.


Spoiler alert: decking doesn’t need to be brown! You can get decking boards in a variety of different colours including grey and red. Even if you get brown decking, you can always paint it a different colour – black looks very chic. Your decking area should always work with the rest of your garden design, rather than against it.


If you have raised decking, you’ll need to install handrails and balustrades to make sure that it’s safe. You’ll also need to install steps, which can be a great way of connecting the different levels of your decking. You can also use balustrades on ground level decking, purely for decorative purposes. Adding lighting to your decking area doesn’t just help with safety, it can also add ambience. Consider fairy lights and lanterns for mood lighting, and recessed decking lights for safety. This will help ensure that you can enjoy your decking area even after the night draws in.

The key thing to remember when you’re planning to build a decking area is to be creative. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes, materials and colours to get a unique decking area that works for the space you have. If you do it right, a great decking area can truly transform your garden.


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