Reviewing Personalised Cupcakes from Caketoppers

As you all know I love cake. So it’s a great little treat being asked to review, oh and of course taste a couple of cupcakes from Caketoppers.

I was asked to send in an image for the caketoppers and so I chose my snazzy blog logo! You know from my previous post on designing a mobile phone cover that I like to personalise everything.

Personalised cupcake from Caketoppers - Rachel Bustin


I was sent a classic sponge and a chocolate sponge cupcake. The chocolate sponge came in a gold foil case with a chocolate fondant icing on top then above that was the icing disc with my logo on. The classic sponge came in a silver foil case with white fondant icing and then the disc on top.

The cupcakes arrived really well packaged in thick cardboard cases. They were wrapped in plastic wrap then bubble wrap, therefore no squished cupcakes arriving at our door!

The foil cases along with the thick fondant and caketopper are designed to lock in the moisture to keep the cupcakes fresh for at least 5 days.

Packaging for the cupackes

Caketoppers personalise and make a whole range of cakes. From logo cupcakes and promotional cakes, photo cupcakes and cakes, celebration cakes and also Disney cakes. Not forgetting if you want to design your own.

Chocolate sponge cupcake and Vanilla sponge cupcake with my blog logo on the caketoppers

The print quality of the discs was fantastic, very clear, no blurriness. To be honest my phone camera does not do the caketoppers justice. I was pleasantly pleased with the result.

Personalised cupcakes - Rachel Bustin


Now onto the best part – the taste!

The sponge on both the classic and chocolate was very moist and tasty. Moreish to be precise. The fondant was a nice thick layer of sweetly goodness. I didn’t like biting into the disc – it was too pretty to destroy! But it did taste nice. Overall the cupcakes were filling and what I would call a traditional sponge.
Vanilla sponge cupcake half eaten - Rachel Bustin

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Oh and as a lovely gift to all my readers you can all get 10% off at Caketoppers using the code RBB10

caketoppers - 10% off with code RBB10

As you all know I love cake! What is your favourite type of cake? Are you a chocolate or vanilla fan? Maybe a fruitcake fiend?

*I was sent the cupcakes to review – all thoughts and opinions are my own as always x

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