Caseapp Custom iPhone Case Review and Giveaway

I am ready to get a new phone and upgrade to the iPhone 6s, so when Caseapp contacted me asking if I wanted to review a couple of their products it was just at the right time. I have had my trusty iPhone 4s for ages so I’m looking forward to a new phone. Everyone likes to get a new phone don’t they?

Now I have my awesome custom iPhone case to go with it!

My mum loves horses and it’s her birthday coming up so I thought I would treat her to this gorgeous designed iPad case. Which was the other product I chose to review from Caseapp.

A horse ipad case and an iphone 6s hard case

Custom iPhone Case

It took me ages to go through all the designs on the website before I even looked at how to design my own custom iPhone case. There are many different images, designs and patterns to pick from. You really are spoilt for choice!

If you want to design an iPhone case like I did, you first have to choose the correct case for your phone. The choice goes right from the recent 6s and 6s plus down to the 4 and 4s. Then you choose whether you want the tough case or the normal case.

I went for tough as my 6 month old loves to get her hands on my current phone and throw it around. Tough is really needed and I was so pleased with the quality when it arrived. It honestly feels tough! There is a special silicone lining inside to proctect your phone from all sides.


You then can go through ll the pre-made designs which is what I did. Mine is the icy marble design and then I customised it by adding text and images.

As shown in the photo below I chose the text and rainbow image from Caseapp and then uploaded my own blog badge. This was very easy to do. I loved the way you can play around customising for ages. There is a great selection of images and texts to choose from.

When you have finished designing you can preview it to make sure everything is where you want it to be before you confirm to buy.

I found the overall process easy to use and navigate and was surprised at how good the quality of the images turned out on the iPhone case.

Custom iPhone case with a rainbow and the words Live, Laugh, Love and my logo -Rachel Bustin

iPad Case

The second product I chose to review was the iPad case. You can choose the case for the iPad mini or for the iPad 4/3/2 which is the one I went for.

The case is in a glossy finish and is very strong and durable. Like with designing the custom iPhone case you can choose pre designed covers (which I did) or you can design your own with images and text.

I know my mum will really love this case as it feels of quality and is very sturdy therefore protecting her iPad.

Horse ipad case

Caseapp also have skins and cases for other different makes and models of phones and laptops as well as the iPhone and iPad.


*I was given these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    1. Bought iPhone 6 Plus Cases from Zizo Wireless. Fit perfectly into my device.
      These strong and firm cases protect the phone from breaking caused
      by dropping it accidentally. It also adds a grip to keep it from sliding out of
      your hand and onto the concrete.

  1. Looks fab! I was just thinking ‘i dont think i could think of a design id want’ – then i saw your blog design on your phone – what a fab idea! Now i want an Arthurwears one! lol! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  2. This is awesome! It’s so tough to go through phone cases and find ones that are exactly tailored to you-this is why personalized things are so popular these days!! I absolutely love that horse case, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing <3 #KCACOLS

  3. Fab design Rachel! I love this and so tempted to design a Bridie By The Sea one too 🙂 I’ve had a go at your giveaway, try my luck…Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday xx

    1. You really should do a design for Bridie by the Sea! I think my next thing is to find somewhere that does custom stickers! xx

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