Book Review: i-spy – In the Countryside and At the Beach

When I was a kid i-spy books were all the rage. I used to love wandering around with my book and pencil looking for all the things in the book. It was great fun and was a fantastic activity for the Summer holidays. Kept me occupied for hours!

So when I was asked to if I wanted to review a couple of the i-spy books it brought back amazing Summer memories and I thought this will be fun! Baby girl is a little too small to know the concept of the books but it’s fun putting her in the carrier and wondering off around the fields looking for everything In the Countryside book. I’m always chatting way to her so it’s great for the both of us to get some fresh air.

i-spy books - In the Countryside and at the seaside

How to use the i-spy books

  • The way to use the i-spy books is to just look around you – Spy it!
  • Once you have spotted it you can tick it off in your book and score it.
  • You are a Super-Spotter when 1000 points have been collected. Which means you can send off for an official certificate and badge.

The At the Seaside i-spy book is fantastic for us down here in Cornwall, with beaches all around us. It also makes it a great holiday book if you are visiting any beach. Something to keep the kids occupied!

The pictures are clear with great little descriptions as shown below. There are also lots of fun and interesting facts – great for little learners.

i-spy book- on the beach

My personal favourite is the In the Countryside book. It’s full of flowers, mini beasts, tracks and lots of other great stuff to find.

What can you spot?

i-spy book Summer - leaves

There are a wonderful collection of  20 i-spy books. You can see the whole range inside the back cover of the books. The Car badges i-spy looks interesting!

i-spy book series

I think it’s fantastic that you can apply for a certificate and badge for getting a score of 1000 points. Don’t all kids love badges and certificates?

i-spy -how to get your certificate and badge

All i-spy books have a rrp of £2.99 which I think is a bargain for hours of fun and adventures for little explorers.

Have you heard of the i-spy books? Did you have them when you were little?

*I was sent these books in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I am a part of the Amazon affiliate scheme so if you click on a link to buy, I receive a little bit back at no cost to you. So thanks if you do xx

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