What do Business Owners think of Home Learning?

Over the past few years I have taken part in quite a few home learning courses. I always loved school and learning new things so when I left after taking my A-Levels, I was always on the look out to find something to do in my spare time.

I have completed various online courses with differernt online establishments in subjests such as Environemental Science, chemistry and business studies. I think they are a great way to improve yourself and gain qualifications at your own pace.

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One of the best online home learning websites is with the ncc home learning. There are many different areas that ncc cover. The courses can be from the industry sector, career related or just interests. I love the fact that they do the courses at different levels as well catering for all.

I know if I had the time I would really like to try the Forensic Science course, because lots of the modules are on subjects that look really interesting to me. Thats a great thing about the website is that it gives you a course overview and a sample pdf so you can read through and make sure its right before buying.

They offer the options of online or paper study. Payment plans to suit you and tutor support. All the courses are accredited by various awarding bodies.

But what do business owners think of home learning?

NCC home learning are undertaking some research into what business owners think of home learning and home study courses.

They have prepared this survey to find out: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/YG9QDRJ

Do businesses consider hiring people with a home learnng degree? Why not tell us what you think?

It’s a really interesting question because a lot of people cannot afford to go to a ‘brick’ university due to the high course fees. Plus by completing a course at home you can work alongside it at your own pace and not incurring huge student debts.


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