5 Jewelry Trends for 2020

New Year calls for new beginnings and a fresh new start. While 2020 has just started, fashion-forward individuals are getting on the latest dibs on what’s hot and what’s not in the industry. Jewelry trends for 2020 is one of them. The year’s Pantone color is royal blue; thus, one can expect this hue to be reflected in many accessories, clothing, and various fashion items. Likewise, this is also the perfect time to reassess your everyday accessories like jewelry and watches. Instead of overhauling your entire wardrobe, you can invest in a few pieces that can prepare you for the decade ahead. Your jewelry box is the most straightforward place to start if you want a fresh new statement on your fashion choices. 

5 Jewelry Trends for 2020

Although it might be lofty to think well ahead of the decade, fresh new pieces like chainlinks and bright accents with mixed metals are eye-catching styles that are sure to be noticed. These photogenic accessories will continue to attract attention. Many are also obsessed with astrology collection; thus, this trend is not slowing down. Whether you like the quirky with cute accents or you are more into refined ones with chain links and upgraded hoops, there will always be something for you this year. Here’s the forecast for the wearable statement pieces in jewelry fashion for 2020.

Extra-large Hoops

Dainty hoops are on a break starting this year. Start investing in large and uncommon pairs for 2020. Designers like Sies Marjan and Carolina Herrera have heralded the trend as models wore them during the Spring 2020 runway. Hoop earrings are a classic, but this year, updated trends include door-knocker styles and double hoops. All these new looks are about standing out instead of the usual blending in.

If you want something a little more minimalist and door knockers are not your thing; you can check out some oversized hoop styles from Bottega. They are intricately gilded to look like bamboo; thus, they are upgraded from your usual plain hoops. These earrings are charming accessories that will get you through your busy work-week in style.  

Colorful Gems

As the spring season comes, more people are urged to re-energize their wardrobes. We take off our ankle boots and opt for barely-there sandals to pair with cotton dresses. For sunnier days and to add some charm into your look, bright baubles are seen to uphold the trend in jewelry trends for 2020. These colorful accessories are seen in a lot of runways and from designers who are comfortable to play up with proportions.

Bright hued stones can be added to earrings to make a statement piece, but if you think they are not work-appropriate, then use for an upcoming special occasion. Likewise, coral-colored necklaces can brighten up any subdued corporate colors. Hues like this never fail to keep your moods and spirits up.

Shoe Jewelry

Creative fashion designers ensured that jewelry is not just for your wrist, necks, or ears. Oscar Dela Renta and Bottega Veneta came up with chain-adorned pumps in the last season of 2019. Now ushering the new year, designers are continuously honoring this look by coming with new adornment in footwear. There are chains and other dangling yet delicate embellishment that used to adorn sandals and heels. 

You can even try DIY on this jewelry trend when you are feeling crafty. Likewise, try to tone down on other jewelry when you have these types of shoes on, there are already attention-catching enough when you walk into a room.

Pearls Everywhere

Pearls are timeless jewelry pieces, and they are here to stay for another decade. More designers have been sculpting shapes out of pearls apart from embracing its natural rounded form. Pearls, whether they are real or faux, add a degree of femininity and class to any outfit. You can have these delicate stones for earrings or necklaces. They do well for any occasion, and they are also ideal for work-week sophistication.

Pearls are timeless jewelry pieces

Fat Chains

Last on our list are these statement-making jewelry pieces that are expected to go viral this 2020. Oversized gold chain and lucite necklaces have ruled the runway models during the 2020 spring season shows. Chunky chains can be gold or glittery silver links. They can be worn as necklaces, but they also come in bracelets that work wonderfully in office environments.

So, whether you are leaning towards boldness or you wanted something experimental with your jewelry this year, these top jewelry trends for 2020 are what you should consider. Some classic and delicate styles are staying for more years to come, but there are also others more creative and flashy like those oversized hoops and chainlinks. The new year brings on a fresh new start, and now is the best time to shop up to upgrade your jewelry style. Go on and treat yourself to something pretty this 2020!

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