Family Diary: My Parents and Their Horse History

As part of my family diary blog post series, not only do I want to write about Mr. B and the girls, I’d love to share stories from my parents. With dad not being around anymore, I do worry I will forget all his memories and stories and I want to share them with the girls one day. So I thought I’d write them down here. My blog has always been a diary of things we’ve done, reviewed and stuff I like to write about. Some things may be a little odd if you search back through, but as it’s also my job where I make money, you will find the odd post or two. But don’t fear, those posts are normally SEO optimised so will bring in traffic and ad revenue. Who would guess a shoddy blog post on Peppa Pig ice lollies would be loved by Google!!

family diary blog post series

Anyway, back to the point of the post. Mum was a keen horsewoman when she was younger. In fact, she met my dad while leading her pony down the road, and he was doing hay in a field! Mum loves to tell us this story and how she made Dad work to go out with her!

Dad built my mum’s timber stables for her pony. He used to be in his element doing things like this. He thought it all out, with a door in the back so the pony could come in and out from the field, and then of course it had the front stable door into the yard.

When I was young, mum always had various ponies in the fields. Dad grew up working on farms in the 1940s when he was a teenager. School wasn’t for him, he would rather be on the farm. I remember him saying that he used heavy horses for plowing in the fields. His parents had a small farm and they used to have to grow a certain amount of food for the area during the war. His dad’s horse was called Captain and he used to do all the heavy work, that of course tractors do today.

Family Diary: My Parents and Their Horse History

I’m so proud of my parent’s history with horses, I used to love hearing dad’s experiences of “tracing” the manes of the shire horses for the show. Last year we went to Heligan Gardens Heavy Horse Weekend and I wished my dad was here to see it. He would have loved it. When I see heavy horses on TV or in real life, It reminds me of Dad and brings a tear to my eye.

Heligan Gardens Heavy Horse Weekend 2019

When my older sister is back home from Canada, all being well at Christmas. I want to go through all the old photos of dad when he was younger with the horses. A nice trip down memory lane on their horse history. I’m sure mum will be telling her story again of how she met Dad!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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2 thoughts on “Family Diary: My Parents and Their Horse History

  1. Horses, yes I am fond of them to. Though not a lot of experience with them. Perhaps producing a PhotoBook for your Mum would be a nice idea, and a treasured gift for your Mum. Having all the relevant photos stored safely together, a pictorial memoir.

  2. Lovely story to remember. My sis in law has always had ponies she loves her Shetland Ponies and her Shire . Tends to them every day they are lovely animals

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