10 Benefits of LED Lighting on the Environment and Your Health

Moving into an energy-efficient house 3 years back, meant our energy bills would be cheaper. One form of energy-saving in this house is the LED lighting in the kitchen. I wasn’t quite sure what LED lighting was, apart from it being very bright! But I’ve done my reading up and discovered many benefits of LED lighting on the environment and your health.

LED Lighting in the kitchen

Benefits of LED Lighting on the Environment

  • Quality LED bulbs are longer lasting and more durable than their incandescent counterparts. LEDs emit very little heat. In comparison, incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat, so much more energy efficient.
  • They produce large amounts of light at a lower wattage. Reducing your energy consumption over the year, saving you money. Many offices and schools have some kind of panel lighting installed which makes INUI LED panels a fantastic choice.
LED  panel lighting installed
  • LED Christmas lights are much safer to have around the tree. They are much cooler and therefore less likely to burn your fingers or catch fire.
  • You may have noticed more and more street lights being changed over to LED lighting replacing the old sodium orange glow ones. The new LED lights use less energy, dramatically cutting carbon emissions and saving money.
  • LED’s are very versatile due to their small size. Since LED’s create directional light, they’re fantastic tools for lighting specific items or features within a room. You can find them under kitchen cupboards lighting up the worktop area, or on desks.
  • They contain no toxic chemicals and are easy to recycle.

Benefits of LED Lighting on Your Health

We all need light. Light has an overall effect on our health and well being. There has been research into the effect of LED lighting on your health and it’s benefits. Here is a summary for you.

  • LED light is similar to natural light. Exposure to natural light promotes a healthy and regular circadian rhythm, so that’s a no brainer really!
  • It helps to decrease stress and anxiety as if you were outside in the natural daylight.
Light has an overall effect on our health and well being
  • Who hasn’t got a headache from flickering fluorescent bulbs? My parents had them in the kitchen and living room when I was a kid. If the bulbs were on the way out they were headache central! LED bulbs do not flicker, and in turn can help ease those headaches!
  • Increase in productivity and learning performance – LED’s in offices and schools can help increase concentration.

There are many reasons why you should make the switch to LED lighting. for the environment, to save money and for the health benefits. So why not have a look around yourself and get some professional advice?

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