5 Profitable Business Ideas to Start in 2020

The other day I spoke about top tips on starting a business this year but I didn’t go into details on what business to start. Therefore I’m going to share some profitable business ideas you can think about that would be suitable for you.

5 Profitable Business Ideas to Start

There are many businesses around that it’s hard to find your own space. But if you think and plan accordingly you will find your niche business. If you love what you do it will be a passion of yours. If you click here now you will find a few tips on how to stay in the competition and get your business to succeed. Which is of course what we all want.

The key to success is long term vision

So here you go. I’m starting off with the best online business ideas you can start because that’s what I’m doing.

Online Business Ideas

  • Selling digital products – A potential huge passive income source once you have your digital information products ready to go. Establish your authority in your niche, and strive to be the best. Build your audience through social media and blogs, get them to sign up to your newsletters and send them your free products. In turn, this customer base will be the ones who buy your ebooks and other digital products. Using a simple ordering process like Heat-Line your customers will keep returning.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Recommending products from people within your niche is a great way to earn online. Especially if you don’t have time to create your own products. But only recommend products you truly love, be honest with your customers and they will come back again.
  • Selling Digital Marketing Services – Examples include Graphic Design, Building Websites, Social Media Management, SEO Writing, and Content Creation like IgniteDigital.com.
  • Becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) – If you have experience in being a PA or a secretary why not become a VA? This way you can work on your own terms and remotely. Skills you need include the ability to plan and strategise, multi-tasking, communication and knowledge of sales skills to promote yourself. To start off though, you need to work out what services you can offer and put these together. Build yourself a website, an online presence, and network. Pitch and build relationships.
  • Drop-Shipping – Sell products you love without the hassle of storing them. so how it works is that you sell the item and provide customer service and the supplier ships the product to the customer. You do however need to find a third party seller wisely to avoid scams.

To get your online business work for you you need to identify your audience. You can do this by researching your niche. Your first customers will end up being your most loyal and returning customers if you start off on the right foot. Focusing on what you want to achieve and dedication will help you go far.

What type of online business were you thinking of starting? Do you have any other profitable business ideas that I haven’t listed?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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