Top Tips on Starting a Business in 2020

I love the start of a new year. This year 2020, is the start of going fully self-employed with the strong possibility of giving up my “day job”. I’ve worked in the same place at my day job for 15 yeats this year. Starting off as a young 22 year old ready to impress. Now I’m married with two children and the chicken in the garden I’m finding myself needing to be at home more. Working from home and this blog has given me this opportunity to do just this. Starting a business 5 years ago was the best thing ever!

Top tips on starting a business

But I do worry about missing the regular payments, Nevertheless, I’ve planned and put goals in place of where I want to go and looked deeply into why I’m starting my own business.

If I wanted some extra cash I would have started a side hustle. But this is not my direction. I want and need the flexibility of working for myself and working around my kids. The girls are growing so fast and I want to be there for each step. With my eldest daughter starting school in September, I want to be there to take her each day and to see all the school things. Being my own boss will let me do this.

So there, I have evaluated myself and let you know why I want to start my business full time. Next up is the type of business. You all know blogging is my passion, so writing for other websites, putting my content together into a book and writing courses and digital products is my goal. This is my brand.

ideas on starting a business

Next up I will share some tips on how you can get your business started in 2020.

How to get your business started?

  • Research – does your business idea have the potential to succeed? Does it solve a problem? Fulfill a need or want? Then check out the competition. Can you do it better?
  • Make a business plan – a plan that will take your business from the start-up phase to establishment and growth.
  • Finances – starting a small business doesn’t have to need a large amount of money. But it will require a small investment to cover initial costs and enough to until a profit is being made. For blogging, it will require hosting fees and a domain name as an example.
  • Register your business – whether you register as a limited company or as a sole trader you will need to do this with HRMC.
  • Choose a name – all businesses need a name. Make sure it’s a good one so it stands out no matter where it is branded. Your product is more noticeable when you put its name and logo in custom packaging, including packing tape and other items to help secure packages for delivery. 
  • Location – will you need equipment in a specific location, it could be in a franchise you have bought or are you going to work in your home office? Either way, this will need arranging.
  • Promoting – Once your small business if up and running you will need to get it out there. Prepare your unique selling point (USP) and marketing plan. You want to be the go-to for knowing where to buy barber supplies in bulk as an example.

These are the most important bases covered when starting a business. Now the hard work really starts. Keep close to your plan, work hard and hopefully, success will come. But it won’t come overnight.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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