Do It Like Dora And Turn Television Into a Classroom Rather Than a Curse

On average, our kids now spend around six hours or more using screens every day, with at least four hours of that time dedicated to television. Sadly, this habit doesn’t spell good news for the most part, and many parents try whatever they can to break the spell. But, with articles like this one on teach hub claiming that television can actually have some educational benefits, it’s possible that tailoring rather than restriction television usage altogether could be your best bet, and why not turn television into a classroom.

Do It Like Dora And Turn Television Into A Classroom Rather Than A Curse

As well as teaching general socialisation skills and narrative styles, creators of shows like Dora the Explorer are now particularly tailoring content towards lessons such as languages, numerical skills, and more. While this isn’t to say that the television should be on indefinitely, then, you can take the stress out of screen hours by at least considering the following ways to ensure those shows at least teach your kids something new. 

# 1 – Curate content with education in mind

With IPTV streaming solutions like those discussed on now widely available, curating the content we watch is easier than ever before. Such television alternatives allow us to pick favourites lists and alter recommendations based on our habits. As such, it’s entirely within your power to curate educational focus for your kids on platforms like Netflix and beyond. Even if they don’t realise those shows are teaching them anything upfront, taking your time to pick the best options will ensure that your kids are never just watching mindless television. And, after as much as 28 hours watching those shows each week, you can bet at least some of the lessons will start to sink in! 

# 2 – Join in to take lessons further

Young kids, in particular, may have a limited understanding of what television shows are teaching. This could see your efforts going to waste unless you go out of your way to highlight those lessons for them. Believe it or not, watching television with your kids can prove fantastic quality time. It can also ensure you’re on hand to explain anything they don’t understand or help them to get really involved in the educational benefits of the programmes in question. 

# 3 – Put television focuses to practical use

Of course, watching television is only ever going to take your kids so far, even if those shows do lean towards education. Lucky for you, the chances are that it’ll pretty easy to put those focuses to practical use once your kids have seen them on screen. Youngsters are easily swayed, remember, and the chances of their wanting to engage in messy play, reading, or even maths are much higher if they’ve just seen their favourite characters do it. Try, then, to get into the habit of planning daily activities around what’s happening in their favourite shows. This way, you can guarantee those educational benefits sink in far more than they might otherwise. And, that could be all it takes to turn television into a classroom rather than a curse!

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