PR School – Your Time to Shine Book Review

*Ad-gifted: I received a copy of PR School – Your Time to Shine in exchange for this review.

It’s nearly five years since I started blogging and I’m still learning so much. I believe you never stop learning in this industry. As a blogger, I work with PR’s every day, do I know what their job role is? No, not really. I understand a small part of their role when they work with bloggers, but of course, a PR’s role is much more than this.

As a small business owner (my blog is my business) I could really do with learning more about PR for my own needs and promoting myself more. This is not something that comes easily to me. But getting the chance to have the first read of Devon-based Natalie Trice’s brand new book PR School – Your Time To Shine has given me more ideas and confidence to market myself.

PR School Your Time To Shine

PR School – What’s it about?

Would you love to have a piece of the PR pie, but aren’t sure how to make it happen? Do you ever read magazines and just know your products would look fantastic on those pages but don’t know how to get them there? Have you got a phenomenal story to tell but need some guidance when it comes to getting it into a national newspaper? My name is Natalie Trice and after more than 20 years of working in the PR industry, I’ve put my experience and expertise into PR School. Whether you’re an artist or an author, a yoga teacher or a personal trainer, a nutritionist or a stylist, this book will help you get to grips with PR and self-promotion, so you can confidently tell your story and truly shine.

My Review

I love the way Natalie eases you into the world of PR. Right from the start, she mentions to use it as a workbook. I received an electronic copy for this review, but cannot wait for my physical copy to use it as I work through the exercises. Personally, a “hands-on” book for me is much to my way of learning and taking it all in. It gets you thinking about how to apply this to your own needs.

PR School – A Time to shine is full of tips and golden nuggets of knowledge that you can take on board and apply to your own business. My favourite tip is to set up Google alerts for your niche, so you are in the know immediately when a story breaks.

Of course, being a blogger, I found the section on working with bloggers helpful, to know what is expected of me, and how I can be of use to a PR.

Final Thoughts

I find a book like this where you can make your own notes in the margins or on the pages invaluable to refer back to when needed. It will be a firm favourite on my desk for a long time.

PR School is a fantastic workbook, not only for PR’s and bloggers but for small businesses as well. It’s released on Friday 29th November 2019, but you can pre-order it now.

Available to buy from Amazon Silverwood Books, The Book Depository and Waterstones

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