Nestlings Review – Interactive Pet and Babies with Lights and Sounds

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We love soft fluffy cuddly toys and Nestlings is just that, but so much more. I’m a fan of toys that bring out the caring side of children. This cute creature comes in teal or pink – we got the teal one kindly sent to us to review from Vivid Toys.

What are Nestlings?

A Nestling is a cute little furry creature that needs you to care, love and adore her until her small babies arrive. You will need to respond to her if she’s sick, tired or just wants a hug. If you play with her keeping her happy and content she will have her babies, then you will have two more Nestlings to play with.

Nestlings Review - Interactive Pet and Babies with Lights and Sounds
Nestlings Review – Interactive Pet and Babies with Lights and Sounds

How do Nestlings Work?

You need to give Nestlings lots of love and attention for them to respond. They love to sing. Press her head and listen to the beatboxing game.

Waiting patiently for Nestlings to hatch
Waiting patiently for Nestlings to hatch

Nestlings cannot deliver their babies without their special nest, place her back on to her nest and wait for her to introduce her baby to the world 

Hatched an egg
Hatched an egg
Baby hatched out
Baby hatched out
mummy with two babies
Mummy with two babies

Mummy Nestling will interact with her babies. Hold them to her nose and she will blow kisses to them and tell then she loves them.

Nestlings have interaction points on top of their head, on their nose and each foot, each one gives different reactions.

Hold the heart on the back of the baby to the Nestling’s foot in order to hear them chat away to each other.

Interacting with baby
Interacting with baby

At the end of the day, you can reload the baby nestlings back into their shells and back into mummy Nestling to start over again.

Reloading the eggs
Reloading the eggs

Resetting Nestlings

To reset the Nestlings hold her upside down while pressing the nose and head. It does take a few minutes to open up so you can put the eggs back inside.

Our Review

Beautiful, cuddly creatures, who capture your heart. Soft and fluffy to cuddle and care for, and you get rewarded with babies! We love her chattering, musical ways and her disco light-up eyes are fantastic to see just as she gives birth to her babies.

Nestlings sparkly eyes
Sparkly eyes

We did find it took a while to have the first baby, but persevering with cuddles and stroking will result in the hatching of the first baby. The second will soon follow in a few minutes once you put the mummy Nestling back on the nest.

I quite like the idea that the Nestlings do put themselves to sleep after a time of inactivity. This helps to save the batteries. The Nestlings take 3 AAA batteries, which are not included, so please remember to buy them as well.

Light up eyes while on nest
Light-up eyes while on the nest

I’m pretty sure this bundle of cuddly fun will make a happy Christmas gift for all to enjoy.

Cuddling up with the Nestlings
Cuddling up

Where to buy

Available to buy at Smyths, Amazon, Argos and other good toy retailers.

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  1. There is just more & more toys like this every year. I really like them & look forward till when Evie is a little older so I can start buying her them.

  2. Wow! These are really unique, I haven’t seen anything like this before. I like the fact that you can re hatch again and again.

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