Pooki Interactive pet with Sound, Movement and Animated Screen Review

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Interactive pets are getting much more popular, I was intrigued to find out what they are about and L was excited to open the box to see what was inside when our Pooki interactive pet arrived.

Pooki Emotional Artificial Intelligence
Pooki Emotional Artificial Intelligence

What is Pooki?

Meet Pooki, the new generation of interactive pets! Through AniMotion technology and internal projection, Pooki can display emotions, adventures, presents, and cartoons on its screen. With over an hour of content and reactive animatronic head and ears, Pooki interacts with its owner creating a friendship. Pooki also connects to an app so you can feed Pooki and send it commands.

Pooki Interactive Pet-  showing an adventure animation
Pooki showing an adventure animation

She sounds like fun! Read on to see what we think of Pooki the interactive pet!

Pooki Interactive pet with Sound, Movement and Animated Screen Review
Pooki Interactive pet

Pooki’s Interactive Pet Features

  • Stroke, pat, and tickle the fur on Pooki’s head to see her unique reactions and expressions.
  • Through AniMotion technology and internal projection, children can interact with Pooki and see her likes and dislikes as well as go on adventures, receive presents and watch cartoons.
  • With lots of fun on-screen displays, movement and sounds Pooki will respond differently to your child’s interaction. Pooki will look for you when you call her name, and even show fear if things get a little too loud.
  • Feed Pooki via her button or connect via the app to discover more interactive features.

Don’t forget the batteries as they are not included!

  • Batteries required: 4 x AAA (not included)

Pooki’s projection screen accommodates a large graphic area with no pixelation. It allows for 3D graphics, and for images to move across the curved surface

What we thought

Pooki comes in two colours, white or pink. We received white Pooki with flamboyant soft pink fluffy hair that just wants to be stroked all the time. She has ultra-sensitive touch and sound sensors that pick up noise or your touch. The touch sensors activate when you stroke, pat or tickle her furry hair. L found it hilarious when she moved her ears and her head with her expressions. Her ears droop when shes sad.

Pooki can be woken by gently stroking her head. She is great fun and is much cleaner than a real pet! Pooki interactive pet has many expressions that she shows on her face screen. Sad, happy, confused and shocked. She will also play you cartoons and adventure videos on the screen.

Pooki with a sheep on the screen
Pooki with a sheep on the screen
Happy Pooki
Happy Pooki

L was tickled pink when Pooki gave her a gift, in fact, there are many gifts to collect from Pooki.

Pooki giving a gift
Pooki giving a gift
Pooki giving the balloons
Pooki giving the balloons

Dinnertime is hilarious with Pooki if she gets something she doesn’t like! Our Pooki loves spaghetti, but we are getting through all the different 50 foods to try.

We’ve discovered the more you play with her the more she gives back. She loves to be silly putting on her sunglasses or turning into a fish tank!

We have been using the snack button on her backside, but you can use the Pooki app instead.

There is a free Pooki app that is available to enhance the whole Pooki interactive pet experience even more. But with L at the lower age range to play with Pooki, I haven’t introduced her to this yet. With the app you can view all your gifts from Pooki, send her commands and view the adventures. She does have to be with 1.5 metres of the smartphone.

Pooki interactive pet showing an adventure animation
Pooki showing an adventure animation

We thoroughly enjoy playing with Pooki, she provides hours of fun. She will become your child’s companion for sure. It’s a fantastic techy toy for young children to play with and look after. I found her screen to be much clearer to see in dimmer light. But with the Winter sunlight, it was no problem at all! One thing I did find annoying was that it didn’t contain any batteries. So please remember to buy some before Christmas!

Where can I buy Pooki?

Pooki is available at Smyths, Argos, Amazon and other good toy retailers.

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