Learning To Read At 4 Years Old with Biff, Chip and Kipper

*Ad-gifted: We received the Stage 2 Biff, Chip and Kipper reading books in exchange for this post.

This past week, we’ve been filling out lots of school paperwork for L for September, she’s pretty good at writing her name, counting, and knowing her ABC’s. Mr B and I were surprised she was reciting it back to us the other day while signing it in Makaton. She hasn’t forgotten it from preschool these past few months! Our local primary is a sweet village school and I’m so glad we got a place there. It’s scary to think my beautiful rainbow baby is now getting ready for school. It only seemed a short while ago she was born on Superbowl day over 4 years ago while a storm was howling away outside. She is very ready for school though and is surprising us every day with words she is reading from signs, food packets, and on the TV. So I thought this stage 2 reading book set with Biff, Chip and Kipper would be the ideal start for learning to read at 4 years old.

Learning To Read At 4 Years Old with Biff, Chip and Kipper

Biff, Chip and Kipper Stage 2 – Age 4+ School Early Learners – 16 Books Collection Set

There are 16 stories in the collection. They have been carefully levelled to support you and your child as they develop early reading skills. 8 stories provide phonics-based reading practice, while 8 use everyday language to help broaden your child’s wider reading experience. All the stories feature much-loved characters and humorous illustrations, as well as tips for reading together and fun activities.

Titles in this collection:

  • Such a Fuss
  • Dragon Danger
  • Floppy and the Bone
  • Missing!
  • Poor Old Rabbit
  • The Backpack
  • The Sing Song
  • Quick! Quick!
  • The Moon Jet
  • The Raft Race
  • The Red Coat
  • The Spaceship
  • Wet Feet
  • I Can Trick a Tiger
  • Shops
  • Super Dad

Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy the energetic dog have been guiding and providing support for children across the globe in learning to read, these young children characters have been encouraging kids to develop the love of reading for the last 30 years. These characters are from Oxford Reading Tree and these beloved and friendly bunch were created all the way back in 1986 by author Roderick Hunt and the wonderful illustrator Alex Brychta who created the beautiful artwork to support the story and context.

Learning To Read At 4 Years Old with Biff, Chip and Kipper

We have been reading 2 books a day together and are thoroughly enjoying them. L is surprising me all the time picking out the words she knows and following along. Biff, Chip and Kipper are great stories that are timeless. I remember reading them at school! And it’s amazing to share these adventures with L. All 16 books come in a pouch to keep them safe.

The Biff, Chip and Kipper books support learning to read at 4 years old with phonics and everyday words. This is the best place to start. Once level 2 has been mastered, there are the next stages to get through. The Biff, Chip and Kipper collection are vast with so much to explore!

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  1. Wow! Picking out words at four years old is excellent! Thanks for the review of this series of books. I will keep an eye out for it.

  2. My son is learning to read too and we also use biff, chip and kipper. They’ve been helping kids learn to read for years!

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