12 Fun Ways To Help Your Kids Learn To Love Reading

Helping your kids learn to love reading will have so many amazing benefits for them both now and in the future. Children who read from a young age tend to be better at speaking, listening, writing, and communication in general. Not only that, reading helps children to develop empathy, improves concentration, exercises the brain, develops their imagination, is a great way to let go of stress, and so much more. Overall, one of the best things you can do for your kids is to get them into reading from a young age. If this is something that sounds good to you, then read on for 12 fun ways you can help your kids learn to love reading! 

12 Fun Ways To Help Your Kids Learn To Love Reading

1. Read To Them As Early On As Possible 

One of the best things you can do to help your kids learn to love reading is read to them as early on as possible. You might want to wait until you’re sure they can understand you, but starting as early as you can could help them to pick up language and begin understanding you at a faster pace. They might not be able to follow as long as well, but they will enjoy listening to your voice and eventually they’ll be getting into the stories you’re telling them. 

2. Make It A Daily Routine 

Rather than reading once in a while, see if you can make it a part of your daily routine. Reading to kids every day is crucial if you want to help them get into the habit and love a variety of different stories. You don’t have to read for hours at a time. Even half an hour a day can make a big difference – eventually, though, you’ll probably find that your kids are begging you to read ‘just one more chapter’. If they ask to start reading the book in their own free time when you’re busy, you know you’re doing something right! 

3. Don’t Push Too Hard

Reading is supposed to be fun, so don’t push too hard for them to like it. Don’t force them to sit with books if they want to draw, paint, or play outside. Kids do have short attention spans, so easing them into it gently until they want to sit with a book of their own accord is a good idea. 

4. Try Writing Poems And Stories Together 

When your child is old enough, you could try writing poems and stories together. See if you can come up with a funny story and write it down, or a funny poem about the things they like. This can a big help for them in school, too, plus it’s a lot of fun. It doesn’t have to be serious or even makes a lot of sense. Just play and see how you get on. 

5. Make Sure Your Kids See You Reading And Appreciating Literature 

While reading to your kids and getting them to love reading that way is a huge help, another great way to get them to love reading is for them to see you reading. Talk about your favorite authors and pieces of writing and why you love them. Get passionate about books and literature. If they see you reading, they’ll naturally want to do it more too! 

6. Go To The Library Together Regularly 

Many libraries are underfunded, and this can be down to the fact that people don’t visit libraries as often as they used to. Get your child a library card and let them pick their own books. It’s free, so you won’t be spending a penny. You can even stay in the library to read together or see if there are any groups to attend where your child can socialise. If you love the library, getting your own 21st-century library science degree from the University of Southern California could be a wonderful way to spend more time in the library and encourage your kids to visit. Of course, you don’t have to work there for this to happen, but it could be a great career for somebody who loves literature. 

12 Fun Ways To Help Your Kids Learn To Love Reading

7. Know When It’s Time To Go Up A Level

Your kids need to enjoy what they are reading with you, but it’s ok to challenge them too. Know when it’s time to go up a level and see how they get on. If you take it in turns to read a few pages each, don’t force them to stop and sound out the words they don’t know. You want to keep the momentum up, so tell them what it is and carry on. You’ll know if the book is too hard for them if their enthusiasm for it isn’t quite the same. 

8. Try Comic Books Too

Try as you might, you might not be able to get every child you have into books. Some are naturally more inclined to read than others. In cases like this, you can try comic books. Comic books are great for readers who may be reluctant to start! 

9. Limit TV And Other Technology

TV and other forms of technology are ok in moderation, but it’s important to monitor how much time your child is spending in front of the TV and online. These things can be addictive and mind-numbing, and it can be harder for your kids to get back into reading if they are doing this more often. By making sure they spend time reading too, you won’t have to worry about them replacing books with TV shows. Don’t ban the TV or gaming, because both have benefits in small amounts. Just be mindful of how often you’re letting them do it! 

10. Let Your Kids Listen To Audiobooks

Audiobooks are definitely not cheating and can be a great way for kids to enjoy books in the car or when you’re doing something else together, like cleaning. Audible is a great platform for kids to use! 

11. Create An Awesome Reading Nook

Giving your kids a wonderful place to enjoy their favorite books will mean they tend to do it more often. Why not see if you can create an awesome reading nook in your home? A reading nook is a small and private space where you can get really cosy and read to your heart’s content. You might not have the space for this, in which case, you could simply use a big comfortable chair, or you could even create a den/tipi in your child’s room and put books in there. Kids absolutely love dens. Put them in there with a book, and they might just finish the book before they emerge! 

12. Read A Wide Range Of Books Until They Find ‘Their’ Genre 

Make sure you try to switch things up and encourage them to read a wide range of books. Eventually, they’ll find a few genres that they like best. Some kids prefer fantasy, others might prefer real life. Some might have an eclectic reading taste and like to read a bit of everything! You’ll never know if you don’t encourage them to read different authors and different styles, so make sure you do. 

Hopefully, the above ideas will help you to get your child into reading from an early age. You really will notice the benefits if you’re consistent. They’ll spend more time reading than watching TV, their vocabularies will improve, and they’ll likely excel at things like English at school. There are endless benefits, so get started now! 

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  1. Some really great ideas here. We always had a book case full of books when I was growing up and continued so with my own children. I love reading and I work in a primary school and I love to show my enthusiasm and passion for reading to the children, in the hope that they feel the same too about books

  2. Some great ideas – I used to make up little treasure hunts with written clues which they always enjoyed with a little treat to find with the last clue!

  3. Balance is the key – some of the boys need gentle persuasion but the girl’s can’t wait to read TIME I

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