How to Design and Decorate a Reading Nook

The Appeal Of A Reading Nook

Creating a reading nook in your home can be a fun project. Planning includes puzzling over choices, triumphant solutions, and creative expression. You express your unique characteristics through colors, arrangement, and art. 

You can shop around stores for supplies, or you can ‘shop at home’. This is where you walk around your house and examine each piece of furniture, art, or textile. You may already own everything you need for your nook! 


To Build Or Not To Build?

Do you have the skills, tools, time, or energy to build a nook? You can remodel a closet or install curtains around your special corner. If these ideas don’t appeal to you, then you can create a delightful reading nook simply by rearranging the furniture. 

Finding An Unused Corner

Finding that unused corner may be a challenge. Look at each room with an analytical eye. Which room will you use? What corner feels the most appealing? Is there an extra dresser or bookshelf that you can remove to make room? What about the porch?

What Kind Of Chair?

Reading means sitting comfortably. Would you prefer a big, overstuffed chair with an ottoman? Or do you want something that won’t take up much space? A fold-up beach chair or bean bag works. Pillows dropped in a corner work. Install a hammock-style chair that hangs from the ceiling. Vintage chairs, chairs you reupholster or repaint yourself, and ultra-modern plastic chairs can provide the main theme for the corner. 

What Kind Of Lighting?

Natural light is a great way to make reading healthy and easy. Otherwise, provide a standing lamp, a lamp on a table, or something that clips onto a shelf nearby. You want a little more than adequate lighting. Also, consider plants if your nook is near a window.

The Walls

You may prefer shelves or hangings. You can mix them, too. Shelves should not extend out far enough to be a hazard for your head. Art or other hangings can reflect your tastes. Hang vintage platters that once belonged to your grandmother. Hang a scene of fishermen standing in a stream. Look for classic art, modern art, or family photos. This is your miniature museum, so have fun! If you can’t decide on which items to display, store some away and rotate them occasionally. 


You may want a small side table or one that can hold a tall lamp and has a drawer. The table you use doesn’t even need to be a real table. A plastic bin, a woven basket, or even a pile of books can serve as a place to set down your book or tablet. If you enjoy snacks with your reading, then consider where they would go.


No nook is complete without blankets. These can be oversized items for those cold days snuggled in your corner with a thick book. You may only need a light lap blanket that keeps the chill off when the air conditioning kicks in. You can ask for a blanket as a present at holiday time because people often need help knowing what to get for each other. You can even make your own photo blanket for your cozy little corner. If you provide a storage ottoman for your nook, you can have several blankets to choose from. 


Pillows can be decorative, provide back support, and express your individuality. They come in so many sizes and shapes that it may be difficult making a decision. Choose a color theme, but don’t be afraid to add contrasts. Pillows are perfect for that little pop of color.


Arrange the room so that your reading corner is secluded. Place it as far from a door as possible. Hang curtains to define the space. Consider using a dresser, shelving, or even a file cabinet to create a temporary wall on one side. 

Time To Relax!

It may take days, weeks, or even months to create your reading nook. This can be fun to do. The time will come when you have finished designing your personal reading nook. You now have your new book (or old favorite), and you look forward to enjoying time away from the world. Remember to take some downtime. You need to renew, refresh, and restore. Your nook can be good for your health!

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