A Knight Named Clover by Iain Row – Book Review

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Bedtime storytime is an important part of L’s bedtime routine. We read 2 to 3 books each night. One of them is the same book over and over again, but the other’s are new ones we try out. This past week it’s been A Knight Named Clover by Iain Row. L is not a girly girl and loves stories about dragons and knights. She’s a huge fan of Nella the Princess Knight! So I knew A Knight Named Clover would be a perfect story to read to her.

A Knight Named Clover

Book Description

“Why can’t I fight?” piped up Clover’s young voice.
“Are you mad?” said King Dad, “you’re a terrible choice!”
“Your job isn’t taking the fight to this foe,
It’s helping me rule while the real knights go.”

When a dragon attacks her village, Princess Clover is keen to put her years of training into action and prove herself a true knight. Her father, however, has other ideas.

Fast-paced and packed with delightful rhymes, this book is a pleasure to read aloud, and a firm favourite with girls and boys alike.

A Knight Named Clover

What We Thought

My daughter is a huge fan of Brave and Merida, and wonderful Clover reminds her of the film. With gorgeous bright and vivid illustrations to go with the text, A Knight Named Clover is a fantastic read.

It’s a rhyming book, but with a difference. The words are well thought out and the phrases fun to get your tongue around! This is one of our favourite’s:

“With fearsome shrieks and a fiery blast

This mythical menace from centuries past

Devoured their animals, frazzled their grain,

And dive-bombed the castle again and again”

Those words are just brilliant! It sounds even better to read aloud!

Clover is a truly brave young girl and wants to prove she can fight the dragon. She proves this to her dad, who didn’t believe in her. I think the character of Clover is strong enough to lead a series of children’s books. She is an excellent role model.

You can find more info about the author and additional resources here.

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